Intuition or EmotionAs an intuitive, empath or highly sensitive person, you have been blessed with a finely-tuned intuitive ability. On top of this strong intuitive sense, you also hold the capacity to understand and absorb the emotions of those around you. Individually, these two forces are powerful. However, once combined, they create a recipe for confusion and clouded thinking.

How do you know when your intuition is speaking to you or when emotions are getting in the way? How can you tell when you are having an intuitive insight that you should be paying deep attention to or when you are feeling an emotion brought on by perceived circumstances? How do you wade through the muddy mental messages and get to the clarity of understanding?

This quiz will tell you whether or not you have a clear understanding of what is an intuitive insight and what is an emotional response. The better you know the difference, the less clouded your path in life becomes.

Find out if you have clouded insight or if you are an Intuitive Mastermind!

Begin Test:


1.As Chris sat studying the college pamphlet before him, he slowly grew apprehensive toward his choice in university. A sinking wave came over him and he began to wonder how his decision would affect his future. Chris is clearly experiencing:
2.Intuition always tries to convince you which path you should take.
3.While lying in bed, Paula suddenly tasted cinnamon. She had no clear indication as to what the flavor could mean. Paula was experiencing:
4.Sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, and fluttering stomach are clear signs of:
5.A gut feeling is always our intuition speaking.
6.After an ordinary afternoon out with her friends, Christine suddenly knew something was wrong at home. Unsure of the trigger, she began worrying and felt a pit in her stomach. Her initial flash was:
7.We can easily determine the root of our emotional responses.
8.Stewart often received premonitions of the future. One Saturday afternoon, he began worrying that he was going to get fired from his job. In this instance, Stewart is experiencing:
9.Subconscious paradigms and conditioning affect the accuracy of our intuition.
10.Intuition makes itself known only through feelings whereas emotion can be felt, seen, tasted or heard.