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Ace of Pentacles

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Upright: Healthy beginnings, financial investments, planting seeds, manifestation

Reversed: Greed, poor health, materialistic, lost opportunity, poor planning


One, pentacles (coins), path, lilies, garden, mountain, hand, arch

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UprightThis card represents new beginnings having to do with health, finances, projects, or career.  Now is the time to plant new seeds and nurture them for long term growth.  Make financial investments, begin a new project, build something, start an exercise plan or diet, or even plant a literal garden.  It also refers to strengthening your roots and go back to where you came from.  Focus on activities that help you feel grounded and secure.  Now is the time to manifest something new and positive!

ReversedIf this card is pulled in a reverse position, it may represent trouble in your physical world.  This can refer to new illness, trouble with your relationships, poor financial flow, or an overall sense of fear.  Now would not be a good time to begin a new endeavor, particularly use caution with financial investments.  If you have been trying to manifest something new, take a step back and reassess your plans.  Be cautious of new opportunities as they may not be what they seem.


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The number 1 represents newness, beginnings, fresh starts, and potential for growth. It points to inventive ideas and clean slates.

In a positive light, the number 1 refers to leadership skills, independence, determination, courageous action, and excitement.

In a negative light, the number 1 represents overbearing behaviors, impulsiveness, and ego.




The Root Chakra represents safety and security, physically, emotionally, and financially.  It governs our animalistic desires and raw emotions, like anger, passion, fear, lust, and safety.  Tarot cards associated with the root chakra have to do with grounding, health, and security.

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