A 7 day program to distinguish and tune into your inner voice

by Jennifer Soldner

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Do you find yourself struggling to decipher your inner voice?  Are you confused about what your intuition may be telling you?  Are you looking for clarity and understanding from your higher self?

As an intuitive, empath or highly sensitive person, your life is driven by intuition.  However, when paired with your strong ability to understand and absorb emotions, you find yourself constantly questioning whether you are receiving a great intuitive insight or simply an emotional response.

In this course you will discover the answer to that nagging question, “Is it intuition?”

In this 7 day program, you will learn:

  • The differences between emotions and intuition
  • How emotion and intuition manifest in your body, mind and life
  • The effects of paradigms on your emotional responses
  • What you can do to tune into your intuitive abilities
  • and more!

This program will not only show you the differences between intuitive senses and emotions, but also offer you steps to practice how to recognize these differences so you are better able to listen to your intuition and accept your ever-changing emotional states.

With knowledge of how each appears, speaks, feels and pans out, overtime you can gain the ability to decipher one from the other, harnessing the positive traits of each and releasing the confusion, offering greater clarity in your life.

Each email will be delivered directly to you with a lesson and action steps specifically designed to enhance your knowledge and awareness of when your intuition is speaking to you.

Stop wondering whether that small voice in your head is driven by truth or emotion.


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You don’t need any previous experience to benefit from this course.  It is designed to offer everyone a deeper insight into how intuition speaks to us and plays out in our lives.

No more confusion.  No more clouded thinking.

Learn how to hear your inner voice.

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