I am Jennifer Soldner, self-help author and Empathic Life Coach. 

As a Highly Sensitive Empathic INFJ, I strive for mindful, peaceful living through exercise, Chakra cleansing, yoga and actively practicing Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). I am also an avid Earther who shuns shoes at every turn.

In the midst of intentional living, I am an abuse survivor, a radical unschooling, peaceful parent and a passionate humanist.

With a degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences as well as hundreds of combined hours studying spirituality, Myers and Briggs typology, and MindBody health, I combine my intuition and knowledge in order to help others learn, understand and accept themselves, enhancing their lives and self-love of their whole being.

We are all wandering on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.  Much like the delicate cherry blossom, this life is brief and glorious, full of hope and promise.  It is up to us to treat ourselves with compassion as we find our way along our individual paths.