An incredibly beneficial tool for empaths and intuitives to utilize is the ability to see and read auras.  As people who are highly sensitive to the energies around us, learning to see the very thing that is affecting us helps in our ability to not only learn where these energies are coming from but also how to control their effects on us.

Think of it like a bad smell.  When there is an odor in your home that permeates the room, you are affected.  You cannot ignore its presence.  While you may be able to plug your nose, the relief is temporary.  Instead, you must seek out the source of the scent and remove it, thus cleansing the air and your sense of smell.  Only from identifying the source are you able to recognize it and understand the steps necessary to make sure it no longer affects you.

While it is possible to learn grounding and cleansing techniques to help us with external energies affecting our body and spirit, it is so much simpler to be able to quickly identify the source of the energy, recognize that it is outside of us, and see how we can take the proper steps to ceasing it from interfering with our own energetic space.

Imagine a time when you suddenly felt a wave of unexpected emotion and you could not pinpoint the source.  Perhaps you went through your own thoughts, wondering if it was triggered by you.  Maybe you went through this exercise to break down whether the emotion was yours or if it belonged to someone else.  Now imagine if you could instantly spot the source of the energy that was affecting you.  Through learning to read auras, you can do just that.

Just like any piece of honing intuition and using your gifts, reading auras takes time and practice to learn.  But through learning one simple step, you can go from being completely aura-blind to seeing hints here and there.


How to See Auras


The key is in how you focus your eyes.  Remember stereograms, those 3D eye puzzles that were so popular back in the 90s?  One like these where you need to make your eyes go out of focus in order to see a hidden image?  It is kind of like that.

Pick a person, preferably someone who is mostly still (you can recruit a friend for this exercise), and focus on their head.  Look just above the tip of their crown, as if you are looking at a point past them, but now try to bring in your focus back to the distance of their head.  This de-focusing of your eyes causes you to begin to see a slight fuzz, often white, yellow, or off-white in color, surrounding their head.  Though you are focusing just above their crown, you should be able to see this glow surrounding the entire outline of their head and maybe down through their shoulders.  This is their aura.

The more you practice how to focus your eyes, the easier it will become.  Just as hours focusing on those 3D puzzles made it so you could instantly focus into the hidden image, so too can you train your focus around auras.

To practice, use the following image.  Focus on the center of the image and allow your eyes to relax.  You will begin to see the two spirals become three spirals.  As you hold focus, the three will slowly come together to make one prominent spiral.  Hold this focus as long as you can.  Each time, you will be able to hold it a little longer.  Practice this daily until it becomes natural to bring your focus to one central, overlapping spiral instantly.

[Click image to enlarge]

Use this level of focus when looking at the heads of those around you.  Extend down through their body as you begin to train your eyes to hold the focus longer.  It may help you to look at someone standing against a white or solid colored background versus struggling with the distraction of a busy background.

Continue to practice this technique until seeing this glow becomes second nature.  You don’t have to limit yourself to only people.  Everything carries with it an aura.  Look at animals, plants, and even your kitchen table.  See the soft glow emanating from every object.

The more skilled you become, the more you will begin to see slight variations in color.  It will begin as hints of a hue, not the beaming rainbow often depicted in imagery and film.  Any time you notice a hue, even if ever so slight, make note of it.  As your focus grows, the colors will emerge more and more until eventually you can pinpoint the energies visually of those around you.