And How It Manifests In Your Life


We all have archetypes active within our psyche.  These pieces of our mind were discovered by Carl Jung and have been expanded upon for decades.

There are thought to be hundreds if not infinite psyche archetypes active within us, but some archetypes more commonly express themselves in our lives.  One of these is called the Saboteur.

The saboteur archetype is one of the four archetypes of survival.

It is continuously working in our psyche and develops based upon our past and present experiences.  While its name may sound negative, just like all archetypes, the saboteur offers both positive and shadow aspects depending upon how it manifests at any given time.

Becoming aware of the saboteur and how it works in our day to day lives helps us to shine a light on its shadow characteristics and use it to our advantage rather than our detriment.

The saboteur archetype exposes our fears. 

It points to how we are sabotaging ourselves and shows us where we can release the blocks we have established which are keeping us from our own personal success.

When we acknowledge the saboteur and see that it is pointing to our fears and discomforts, we can use these emotions to guide us towards our success rather than allow them to overtake us and destroy our chances.  Recognizing that our emotions are stemming from this psyche and thanking our saboteur for pointing out our blocks can uplift and empower us in our actions.

On the other hand, when we are unaware of our saboteur or when we allow its shadow to overrun us, we can become our own worst enemy.  Not only do we let our fears overrun us, but our saboteur archetype will manifest more fears which have no base, purposely holding us down and leading to consistent self-sabotaging thoughts and actions.

Everyone has this archetype within them and it functions prominently within all areas of our life.  In order to master this archetype and use it for our own good rather than detriment, we must acknowledge that it is working for our greatest good.

Its number one intention is our survival. 

To overcome the negative attributes, recognize the role it is playing, thank it for keeping you safe, and use the fears as a light shone on the parts of your plan that need more tending to rather than delving deeper into the fear and letting the fear become a self-fulfilling prophecy.