We live in an amazing time; one where we can connect with someone on the other side of the globe in an instant.  This level of connection has brought with it the rise of distant energy healing.  Services are available through emails, videos, group chats, or even just a quick hop on social media.  Lives are being changed every single day by distant energy healing.

But how does it work?

You may have experienced it within your own life and still do not understand how it is possible for someone hundreds of miles away to offer you their energy and uplift your physical and emotional state.

We have trained ourselves into only seeing physical matter before us, but there is so much more we cannot see, including varying frequencies of energy.


Traveling at the Speed of Light


Everything is energy.  Color, mass, light, sound, emotions, and thoughts are all energy.  Our five senses, our entire physical being, has the ability to translate this energy.  Different energy travels at different speeds.  Studies in quantum mechanics have shown that the speed of emotional energy, the waves which carry the emotions, travel up to and beyond the speed of light.

To give you some perspective of what that means and how fast emotions travel:  Do you know how long would it take for a radio signal to travel around the entire globe if it was traveling at the speed of light? According to NASA, it would take 0.13 seconds.

That means that your emotional energy can travel around the entire earth faster than you can say the word earth.

Let that sink in for a moment.


Allowing the Energy In


So now that we see how fast we can send emotional energy anywhere in the world, how does this energy heal?

We are all energy.  We are all vibrating at a certain frequency and that frequency changes depending upon our thoughts and emotions.  Emotions are simply the physical translation of the vibrational frequency of our bodies.  The more consistently we vibrate at a lower level, the more we experience negative mental and physical affects, or dis-ease.

Energy healing is the act of opening ourselves up to the energy around us.  When someone asks for prayers, they are opening themselves up to receiving the positive intentions that others will offer.  When they ask for reiki, they are allowing themselves to receive the energy transfer from another.

By making the choice to receive the higher frequency energy, we momentarily release our own blocking of these higher frequencies that exist in droves around us and therefore allow it in, elevating our own frequency, lessening the negative effects of lower vibrations.

Unfortunately, these affects can only last as long as the recipient allows.  In the moment that another sends higher frequency energy, the recipient feels the positive effects.  But they can only hold this frequency through their own efforts and positive intentions.

This is why energy work is a great tool but should not be used as a crutch.  When used in conjunction with inner work, mindset shifts, dietary changes, and professional counsel or intervention when necessary, distant energy healing helps the recipient see their higher frequency potential as they learn to elevate their own frequency.


It Goes Both Ways


Sending distant energy healing is the act of sending higher frequency energy to a recipient of whom has opened themselves up to this frequency.  However, this energy transfer does not only work on high frequency energies.  If one is open to lower frequency energies, then they can receive those as well, worsening their current state.

Energy healers can only send energy from a frequency at which they are already vibrating.  Perhaps you have experienced a distant healing session where you felt worse after it was over.  In these cases, whether unknowingly or due to inexperience, the sender may not be vibrating as high as they needed to be to offer the distant healing.  On the other hand, it is also possible that the recipient was not opening themselves up to the higher vibration (often felt as hope or optimism about the healing) and instead they were blocking the reception (doubt or feelings of unworthiness).

Only seek energy healing from experienced distant healers and only do so when you can reach a place of optimism and excitement about the session.  Doubt is a normal response to alternative methods of healing, but allowing a glimmer of hope can be just enough to release the blocks towards receiving.