Everything is connected.  We are all existing in a sea of information constantly floating around us.  This sea is made up of energy.  Thoughts, feelings, physical matter, and even our intuition are all parts of this energy.  In order to access our intuition, we need to recognize our connection to all things and see ourselves as capable of obtaining the information which exists within this collective energetic space.

There are a billion and more ways to access our intuition, most commonly consistent meditation, getting out into nature, using intuitive tools or mantras, and more.  Each of these practices is designed to allow you to release your conscious resistance and let your intuition flow.  While they work whether or not you understand how, imagine how much deeper you could go if you recognized what was happening and allowed yourself to pull from this collective energy on purpose.

I would like to offer you a simple trick I use to connect with my inner knowing.  It only takes 5 or so minutes each day to gain momentum and make it simple to reach into the vast pool of knowledge available to each one of us.


Iceberg Visualization


We’ve all seen a picture of an iceberg which shows the tiny tip at the top and the large mass just below the water’s surface.  I want you to picture yourself as this iceberg.  The tip is your conscious awareness and encompasses everything you can bring to your mind right now.  The things you know, problems, solutions, memories, and so forth.

The enormous base of the iceberg is your unconscious mind, filled with information beyond your wildest dreams.  It exists within you and pops up at regular times throughout your day.  The tiny voice that tells you to take a left instead of a right or the a-ha moment that flashes into your mind when attempting to solve a problem both come from this piece of yourself.

While this iceberg which is you seems to exist as a separate entity floating amidst a sea of other icebergs, you are all, in fact, created from and made of the same matter as the water around you.  Though the iceberg appears individual it is directly connected to the water in which it floats at all times.

This water is the whole of knowing.  It contains the answers to every question your conscious mind could ever fathom asking.  Within it is knowledge that your subconscious mind must reach into in order to grow and create more of itself.

As of right now, you have clear access to your conscious mind and you work to break through the water barrier to your unconscious mind.  Most practices cease the power of the perceived barrier, allowing you to flow freely into your unconscious knowing.  But when you visualize yourself as one with the underwater base and the very water which appears to be a barrier, you will see that you can access everything you have ever wanted to know at any time.

For 5 minutes every day, perhaps as a part of your regular meditation schedule, visualize this iceberg.  Feel yourself floating within the body of energy.  Breathe deeply to relax into the water, see the tip bob slowly up and down with each breath.  As you relax into the water, know that you can pull from it at any time as well as melt and release into it whenever you desire.

As you use this simple meditation daily, you will begin to feel more connected with your unconscious mind as well as with the world around you.  Picture others as icebergs throughout the day and feel the energetic connection of the water between you.

Every thought and every feeling that has ever been created still exists around us, floating in the water, creating new icebergs and adding to yours.  You can access all of this information, all of this energy, simply by acknowledging its presence and your place within it.  Through practicing this meditation, you release the perceived barriers which hold it outside of yourself and will be able to access your intuition in whole new ways.

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