If you’re an empath who has recently delved into the amazing benefits of essential oils or you are someone who is branching out in your use of oils, then you have come to the right place.

Anyone who is anyone is aware of the health benefits of essential oils.  It seems every time we turn around, someone is touting their superpowers.  But few are aware of just how much impact essential oils can have on the life of an empath.

From emotional support to energetic cleansing, essential oils are an absolute must in every empath’s toolkit.  I have already given you a list of essential oils every empath must have, but what about all those other items you need to get started?

Here is a list of all the essential oil items you need in your empath toolkit!


Glass bottles

No matter which essential oils you are using, glass bottles are a must.  Oils are potent and can eat through plastics and metals, so if you plan on doing any custom blends, you will need some glass bottles in your toolkit.  Light can break down oils, so I recommend blue or amber tinted glass like these or these.


Glass Jars

Sometimes you want to make more solid-based blends where bottles just won’t do the trick.  In these instances, reach for blue or amber tinted glass jars.  In order to keep your oil blends fresh, shoot for smaller sized jars like these.


Witch Hazel

One of the lesser referred to bases of liquid essential oil blends, witch hazel is a must have.  The perfect carrier for misting blends, witch hazel is great for all skin types.  This is my favorite brand.


Shea Butter and Coconut Oil

For those thicker recipes, shea butter and coconut oil make the perfect blend to carry essential oils.  When combined, their benefits for the skin are almost unmatched making them great for everyday lotions and massages.  Be sure to use organic, unrefined shea butter (like this one) and virgin coconut oil (here’s my favorite).


Storage Case

Once you start noticing the benefits of essential oils, you can’t stop buying more, so you need a place to store them.  An essential oil storage case makes oils easy to grab and easier to organize.  Check out this case which holds up to thirty bottles!



If you are anything like me, you like your oils organized.  To do this, I use color-coded labels that fit perfectly on the tops of each oil bottle.  You can find these on Amazon, but I prefer the labels directly from Young Living.


Carrying Case

These wonder bottles are not just for the home front.  You can reap their benefits even on the go, so don’t forget to grab an essential oil carrying case.  I like this one because it is small enough to fit in my purse, and works for bottles and jars alike.

Cool Mist Diffuser

The number one way I use essential oils is in my diffuser.  Just add a couple of drops and I am whisked away into a sea of emotional tranquility.  Young Living offers a variety of diffusers for style and practicality.  In fact, when you sign up as a member, you can select a bundle which already includes the diffuser!  Can’t beat that!


Essential Oil Reference Guide

It could take years and a couple of degrees before you are able to remember every safe way to use each essential oil.  Instead, grab a pocket guide to take with you anywhere and always be armed with all the information you need.


The Empath’s Guide to Essential Oils

And of course, your toolkit wouldn’t be complete without the complimentary gift, The Empath’s Guide to Essential Oils.  Head on over and grab your free copy here!


So there you have the top ten things you will need in your empath essential oil toolkit.  Don’t feel overwhelmed if you are just starting out as you can reap plenty of benefits with a just bottle of essential oils and some carrying oil.

Head on over and grab your favorite essential oils and get your toolkit started today!

Haven’t joined Young Living yet but dying to get started?  I can definitely help you out!  I would love to have you join my team of fellow empaths and sensitives who use oils daily to enrich and enhance our gifts!