Have you ever done something that came so naturally to you that you just assumed it was easy and everyone else can do it to?  Perhaps you picked up a Sudoku book for the first time and filled in the numbers as easily as you write the alphabet.  Maybe you walked on stage at an open mic night and had the audience rolling in laughter without ever preparing a word.  Or jumped on the dance floor and moved with such grace that entire room came to a stop.

You very likely are familiar with that feeling of ease or second nature, almost to the point that you are shocked to find that others may struggle with the very thing you’ve taken for granted your whole life.  What seems easy to you has never crossed your mind as being a unique talent.

This same thing happens to intuitives.  Often times born with an innate extrasensory ability, many intuitives don’t even realize they are using a talent that does not come easily to everyone.  They might notice something and never speak of it simply because they just assume everyone else noticed too or receive information through their insight and think that it’s common knowledge.

The idea that an intuitive wouldn’t realize their abilities may be baffling.  There is a preconceived notion that those with clair abilities know they have them, know how to use them, and are experts at exercising these gifts.

But the reality is that many intuitives don’t even know they have these gifts within them because they have just always been that way and never given it much thought.  Most do not recognize when they are having a clairsentient, clairaudient, or clairvoyant experience.  It’s not uncommon for them to hear about these skills and shrug them off, thinking it doesn’t apply to their lives.

Psychics, mediums, intuitives, shamans, and healers exist in droves among us and they are hardly even aware of it.  Those who start to notice the signs, dig a little deeper, and seek sage advice from experts in the field don’t suddenly shout that they are intuitive and open a palm reading business.

This type of awakening or awareness is a slow and steady process, taking years of learning, discovering, and practicing their gifts.  Intuitives are not instantly experts.  They need resources, education, and hands on experience in order to grow in their skills.

It is very possible that you are, indeed, an intuitive and don’t even know it yet.  If the idea resonates within you, consider digging a little deeper and you may be surprised what you discover.