Psychic readings are a fairly common occurrence.  People seek readings when they are feeling unsure or even just curious about their path.  Outside reassurance of what they already know or gaining a new perspective on something that’s within them can offer a variety of benefits when used correctly, fostering and enhancing personal growth.

While many are familiar with clairvoyant or intuitive readings, empathic readings can bring the same benefits from a different angle.  Empaths receive and translate blocks of insight through clairsentience, which means “clear feeling” or “clear sensing.”  Through using our ability to sense information energetically, emotionally, and physically, we can tap into another’s energy and offer them insights about their path.

If you are an empath, curious about how to begin offering empathic readings, consider these steps as you learn and practice:



We exist in an energetic world and energy is always flowing around us.  Inexperienced empaths will find that they are haphazardly connecting to energy streams all the time.  However, as you begin to hone in on your skills, you can recognize the easiest ways that you connect with another’s energy and do it on purpose.

Some empaths connect through sight, which means that they can tap into another’s energy stream by simply seeing them.  Others prefer sound, and need to hear their voice.  Perhaps you connect best through thought.  In this case, you may need to think about the person you are reading, their name, or anything you know about them.  Most empaths use several methods in order to connect.

In some readings, connection to another’s energy is instant and effortless.  However, there are times when connections are more difficult to establish.  In these instances, it works best to ask some questions whether about what they are seeking from you, how they are currently feeling, or any other information you feel called to request.

Never feel ashamed about needing to gather more information before you do your reading.  This is not indicative of your abilities, but rather a sign that you are aware of whether or not you have connected prior to giving the reading.



Once you have connected, you will begin receiving information through your clairsentience.  Allow yourself a moment to let this information come and then begin to translate it to the recipient.  Translation may come about through a variety of ways, and knowing the best way for you will allow you to set up a reading space which aids this translation.

For example, if you translate through written word, consider keeping pen and paper or a typerwriter handy or even doing remote readings through the internet.  Maybe you translate through speech, in which case telephone, Skype, or face-to-face readings will be your best modality.  For a list of the different ways in which mediums channel information, take a moment to read about the Five Types of Mediumship.


Use Tools

Just as in every profession, there are ample tools available that can aid and enhance your empathic reading abilities.  Some prefer cards, such as tarot, oracle, or angel cards.  Others use astrology in their readings. Incense and pure essential oils can assist in heightening your connection and improving your clarity.

While tools are wonderful to enhance an empathic reading, use caution to not rely on them solely as they may hinder the clarity you are capable of receiving.  Just as with any tool, practice will increase your ability to work with them.


Be Humble & Patient

It is always important to remember while offering a reading that you are channeling information which you are receiving.  This information is coming through you and may be misinterpreted or mis-received by you.  We are all humans, carrying our own energies and emotions.  You may offer information which is inaccurate or even struggle to connect with another’s energy.

In these instances, remember to be humble and remind those that you are giving readings to that it is not always an exact science.  Go easy on yourself and remember that you do not always have to be perfect or “on point.”


Empathic readings may be new for you or for those you are reading. Take the time to learn it thoroughly, listen to your intuition and your guides, and practice as often as you can.  The more you learn the best way that you can connect and translate, the better you will become and the more beneficial your readings will be to others.