You have spent hours digging through information online, hiding in dark rooms reading books you don’t want anyone to see, and perusing Facebook groups, hoping nothing shows up in your friends’ news feeds.  It all started when an article caught your eye and from then, everything you found only further confirmed your suspicions.

You have “clair” abilities.

At first, you hardly want to believe it yourself.  I would have known, you think.  There’s just no way.

But each article you read resonates deeper and deeper.  Everything in your life is beginning to make sense.

It is hard to say it to yourself.  I am clairsentientI am clairvoyant.  I am clairaudient.  

I am an intuitive.

No matter which word you choose, it sounds strange – feels strange – to consider it.  You can hardly believe it yourself, so how are you going to tell your loved ones?

Worry overtakes you at the thought. What if they judge you and think you’re crazy?  Or worse, what if they don’t believe you?

Coming out to your friends and family about clair abilities is not something to be taken lightly.  There are many preconceived notions about what it means to call oneself an empath, intuitive, medium, or psychic.  Your family may react in discomfort, unknowing, and fear.

While you are probably itching to talk to others about the new pieces of yourself that you are discovering, sometimes turning to those closest to you before you are ready may not be the best option.  It is frightening for you, and it can be much more frightening to them.

So what do you do instead?  You are dying to talk to someone, but who?

Reaching out to others who have experienced the same gifts as you will not only help you in your own spiritual growth, but over time it will allow you to feel more comfortable in your own intuitive skin.  Consider some of the following:

  • Commenting on like-minded blogs (anonymously, if you prefer)
  • Reaching out to others in Facebook groups (there are great closed groups that will keep your comments out of sight of loved ones – here’s my community)
  • Working with an intuitive or empathic coach or mentor that can chat with you and walk through the new ideas arising within you.

All of these steps will help affirm to yourself your gifts and your reality, while growing self-confidence and easing fears.

Then, after you feel much more confident, and can actually look yourself in the mirror and proudly affirm your gifts, this is the time to reach out and inform your friends and family.  When you do not fear their responses because you stand so strongly in your own knowing, from this space, you are in a better place to help them understand what you are experiencing in your life, perhaps offer them some reading material, and let them know that you understand their fears because you were there, too.

Allow them to have their response.  It may be easy to become defensive if they react negatively, but offer them time and compassion.  Just as you needed to come to terms with your abilities slowly, so, too, will they need a little time too.  Be there for them, but let them know that this is who you are and you hope they can come to understand and accept that.

Letting your loved ones know your of gifts is a frightening experience, especially when we fear that we will make them uneasy or even that they will revoke their love for us. So before going to them, you must first make sure that you have eased your own fears and that you love yourself wholly and unconditionally in who you are.