Empaths and the Law of AttractionThe law of attraction (LOA) is a universal law of which is working in our lives all the time, regardless of whether or not we are aware of it.  This law applies to everyone from those who are lacking emotional awareness to those who swarmed by too many feelings.  From sociopaths to empaths, LOA is ever constant.


But how does an empath who sops up the emotions of others day in and day out make a law entirely based on one’s emotional state work for us instead of against us?  How do we create our own reality when we can hardly decipher our own emotions?


The Law of Attraction, in brief


Before we get into how being an empath impacts the law of attraction, it helps to have a general understanding of what LOA is.  Discussed by Napoleon Hill in the popular writing, Think and Grow Rich, made famous by Rhonda Byrne in the book (and subsequent film) The Secret, and continued to be discussed by modern day philosophers and celebrities, including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Louise Hay, and Esther Hicks, the law of attraction essentially states that everything has a vibrational frequency.  Bob Proctor refers to this as a constant “ocean of motion.”


Things which are on the same frequency will gravitate together, meaning that your vibrational frequency will bring people, objects and circumstances into your life which match the frequency at which you are vibrating.


Like attracts like, without fail.


Our emotional state is an exact translation of the frequency at which we are currently vibrating.  Higher frequencies, like hope, freedom, appreciation, and love feel positive and joyful.  Lower frequencies feel heavy and negative, such as sadness, despair, anger, fear, and hopelessness.  The way to determine which frequency you are vibrating on is to simply look at how you feel.  If you feel negative, you will attract more things to make you feel the same way and vice versa.


Those who are successful at utilizing the law of attraction have practiced controlling their emotional state, and thus their vibrational frequency, in order to create the exact reality they desire.


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An Empath’s Emotional Control


With this knowledge, when we look at the average empath’s emotional state, we can see how the law of attraction would be detrimental to an empath, especially one unaware of their abilities.  Empath’s take on the emotional state of those around them, in an instant.  They can feel one way in their home, then walk down the street and feel differently depending on the house they walk past, the individuals they encounter and even the trees or animals they see along the way.


The empath’s vibrational frequency can fluctuate up and down the emotional scale as fast as they can snap their fingers.  Their thoughts, experiences, and emotions do not always align as the emotions are not always theirs.  Thinking about something that makes them feel good in an attempt to shift their vibrational frequency can quickly be trumped by the depressed person in line behind them.


When Put Together


When you combine the unfailing law which determines our reality based on our emotional state with the dramatic and seemingly uncontrollable shifts within an empath, you are met with a recipe for disaster.  Simply being an empath does not make the law cease to exist anymore than it makes the law of gravity stop working.


Whether the empath feels joyful of their own accord or joyful because another is emitting it, the law of attraction will bring them more things to be joyful about.  If they are absorbing sadness, hopelessness, or fear from another, the law of attraction will bring the empath more things to feel sad, hopeless, and fearful of.


It is easy to see the chaos this brings into the life of an empath.  They begin to feel as though they have no control over their reality and positive thinking only takes them so far.  Life feels unpredictable and holds them constantly on guard for the next emotional and vibrational shift.  The more out of control the empath feels, the more situations are delivered to make them feel out of control.


Using LOA to Your Advantage


This does not mean that the empath is incapable of using the law of attraction in order to create the reality of your dreams.  The best part about a universal law is that, no matter how unpredictable life may feel, the laws are always predictable.  Drop an orange and it will hit the ground every time.



The key to using LOA is to remain constantly aware of your emotional state.  This takes practice.  It is best to begin by setting a timer on your phone and checking in with yourself every time it beeps. Write down how you feel and then move on.  The more you check in with yourself, the more it will become a habit.  Overtime, you will be amazed at how easily you can pinpoint your emotions, regardless of whether or not they are yours.



Empaths grow so used to absorbing the frequencies of others that they can forget they hold the power to emit them just as those around them do.  Any time you notice that you have picked up on the emotions of another, pause for a moment and recognize that you are radiating frequencies to others too.  You are a beacon, not a sponge.  With this growing awareness, you become more capable of deciding what frequency you wish to put out into the universe and the more you consciously choose your frequency, the less you will passively absorb the frequency of others.



After habitually focusing on the frequencies you take in from others, it will take time and practice to shift to focusing on the frequency you are emitting.  Stay aware and continue to practice noticing how you feel and consciously deciding how you want to feel.  The good news is that manifestations are not instantaneous.  You have no reason to fear your thoughts or emotions.  Instead, stay curious.  Enjoy noticing your emotions and the emotions of others and overtime the law of attraction will deliver to you more things to enjoy.


Empaths do hold the power to control their emotional state, as difficult as it may seem at times.  The law of attraction is working at every moment and is responding to you in every instance.  Just as you discovered the law of gravity in youth, observe it without judgment, play with it, learn it, and then use it to your advantage.Save




Want to start manifesting the life you desire? You don’t have to wait, because you are manifesting all the time.  All you need is to learn how to do it on purpose.

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