The Main Cause of Empathic SufferEmpaths are no strangers to suffering.  Most have experienced a lifetime submerged in the emotional turmoil of those around them as they work on juggling their own plate.  Each trying to figure out their own personal growth and understand why they experience the world differently from those around them, often alone and without guidance, while they absorb emotions of sadness, anger, fear, pain and ache from others.

But all of this suffering comes down to one concept:

Energetic imbalance.

We live in an energetic universe.  One that functions on the free flow of this energy from every conceivable point.  When this energy is able to move about freely, we enjoy the balanced ebb and flow.

An empath experiences emotions of others through absorbing the emotional and physical energy.  Some of this energy we passively attract and some we invite through our behavior and our own energy.  This is the nature of an empath.  It is what makes us such phenomenal healers.  But it is also what leads to our suffering and burnout if we don’t understand how to release this energy.

Without much guidance from those who understand empathic abilities, as children we were left to come to our own conclusions about how we experienced the world.  Years of childhood psychology have shown that when something uncomfortable, bad, confusing or unknown happens to a child, without direct guidance of how to frame the information, the child automatically comes to a conclusion that it must be their fault and thus their burden to carry.

As we grow, we continue to absorb these energies, feeling guilt and sorrow for our inability to heal everyone completely.  So rather than focusing on absorbing and healing what we can and learning how to release that energy, we remain stuck, holding onto the negative energies which lead to our suffering making it impossible to continue in our healing nature.

This is not the way it was meant to be.

Empaths are healers only to the full extent that we can understand the flow of energy.  We must recognize that no emotional or physical state is permanent.  We do not have to carry these sufferings with us through life.

Instead, empaths must allow themselves to release these negative emotions.  Holding onto them out of guilt, feeling responsible or unawareness of our ability to release them only blocks the flow of energy through you.

You may always absorb the emotions of others, but when you are able to recognize it and release it, you can relieve your suffering and, in turn, relieve the suffering of others who are willing.

Imagine a life where you feel rejuvenated daily and ready to help those in need. Capable not only of healing those who seek you, but also healing yourself.

Let go of the energies that do not belong to you and allow the free flow that we were created to experience.

Are you unsure of where to begin releasing the negativity that you carry daily?  An Empath’s Guide to Emotional Freedom walks you through understanding why you are absorbing these energies, offers techniques to cleanse yourself immediately, and helps you re-frame the way you see your gifts in order to use them to help yourself and others.  The time has come for you to find peace in your life and no longer feel out of control.