Put yourself first. Seriously. Just do it. You have permission, you have the *right* to put yourself first. Can you imagine a world where everyone put themselves first?
I think most conjure up this image of a large mass of individuals stomping over others to get to the top with no regard for anyone else’s emotions, wants or needs. We think that if we put ourselves first then we are only contributing to a narcissistic decaying society. We worry that putting ourselves first in any capacity will most assuredly fuel the selfishness of the world.
But let’s look at the reality instead. Let’s look at our emotions and what we are putting out into the world. Let’s pause for a moment and consider these feelings we carry in regards to putting ourselves first.
We fear putting ourselves first. Fear. We consider this fear healthy because it keeps the bad ‘in check.’ But fear is never healthy. If fear is required to keep any negative thing from happening, then it is for nothing because fear *is* the negative thing happening.

We think we will become one of those selfish people. But consider what we are saying as we believe that. Look at the judgment we are putting out towards others in order to believe that. When you think about a selfish or narcissistic person, does a particular image come to mind? Does a specific person come to mind? By looking at their actions and behavior in a negative light, you are putting that negativity out there. You are saying that they are less than. Less than good. Less than LOVE. And when you believe that another human being can be less than love, you believe you too can be less than love and so you will be.

Less Than Love

We believe that putting ourselves first means that someone else has to come in last or at least second, and no one wants to be second. So what happens instead is that you put someone else first. When you do this, where do you fall? You certainly cannot fall in first. You are left hoping that someone will put you first. You are *giving away* your place, your rightful place. In your active attempt to make sure no one comes in second, you are ensuring that you will always come in second.

Now consider a world where everyone puts themselves first. There is no fear. No worry. No judgment. We are all owning our own power and holding onto our rightful place: FIRST PLACE. If everyone puts themselves first, *everyone* gets to come in first and no one is left second, third or last. Everyone gets to be in the same place, equal, balanced and one with everyone else.
So for your sake, for the sake of every other individual who *deserves* to come first, put yourself first. When you put yourself first, you give everyone else permission to do the same.