Top 10 Signs Your Neighbors Are UnschoolersIn most neighborhoods it usually doesn’t take very long to figure out that the neighbor kids are homeschooled. Seeing them out and about throughout the week is a pretty dead giveaway. But if you look a little closer, you may find some of these tell-tale signs that could indicate they are full-blown Unschoolers.

10. They frequently scour the lawn with magnifying glasses and flashlights. 
It’s a whole new tiny world of discovery out there.

9. Their house can seem without life for weeks at a time. 
Minecraft marathon!

8. Questionable sounds can be heard at all hours of the night.
Was that an explosion? No, maybe it was a saxophone. Does anyone hear tap dancing?

7. You see them playing outside in the middle of the weekday…
…or weeknight. Isn’t it one in the morning?

6. They are usually covered in something.
Paint. Mud. Markers. Cornstarch. Why not?

5. They knock on your door and ask for fifteen cups of sugar.
They need more for their lemonade. Roadside lemonade stand? No, didn’t you see us on Shark Tank last night?

4. They frequently ask if you have any homeowner projects you need help with.
I just heard about this cool thing called the Pythagorean Theorem and I wanted to try it out while building a shed.

3. You start to question whether or not they own real clothes.
It’s two o’clock and you’re still in your pajamas? Does your mother know the toddler doesn’t have any pants on?

2. When you see the kids doing yard work, it usually entails some contraption they built.
It is far more fun to invent your tools than to buy some. Want to see my new electric lawn-raker and possum catcher? If you flip this switch, it makes the yard smell like lilacs.

1. You have just as many conversations with the kids as you do with the parents.
Bobby gave me some great advice this morning on what to do with my stocks! Janie taught me how to install our satellite dish! Those children are so polite. I felt like I was speaking with a thirty year old.

If any of these signs seem familiar to you, then you may just have some Unschoolers living next door. But don’t worry. They don’t bite…unless it’s in the name of science.