Whether you are an empath or are planning on doing readings for those who hold these unique abilities, the spreads in this book are designed to give you structured questions in order to expand your awareness of how empathic abilities affect all areas of your life.

Each of the 20 spreads in this book are focused on your empathic nature.

These spreads cover a variety of life’s topics including:





Self Love
& Care



Career &
Life Purpose






Grounding &











Each spread was carefully selected to enhance your intuition and your readings as an empath.


Available in:


This book includes the following 20 unique spreads:

Everyday Empath Spread
My Magic Spread
My Energy Spread
Quick Clarity Spread
Mine or Theirs? Spread
Cleansing Spread
Balance Spread
Grounding Spread
Empath’s Celtic Cross Spread
Physical Health Spread

Emotional Health Spread
Mind-Body Spread
Energy Shift Spread
Chakra Problem Solving Spread
Chakra Clarity Spread
Salt Lamp Spread
Lovers Energy Spread
Toxic Relationship Spread
Gifted Career Spread
Life Purpose Spread

Each spread also comes with recommended crystals to take your readings to the next level.

For less than 50ยข per spread, you can begin digging deeper into your empathic gifts!

Available in:

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