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2 of Pentacles

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Upright: Multi-tasking, balance, adaptability, playfulness

Reversed: Overwhelmed, inflexible, financial struggles


Two, pentacles (coins), infinity symbol, water, boats

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UprightThis card represents flexibility and movement, both literally and figuratively.  It shows the ability to multi-task and effectively balance two things at once with grace and ease.  Alternatively, this card may also be reminding you to bring more balance between two areas of your life.  Remain alert and aware as you move forward on your ventures.  Be clear about your priorities and ensure you are tending equally to all areas of your life.  Try not to get distracted by busywork and keep your focus where it counts.  The pentacles can also represent your financial situation so this card may be telling you it is time to put some focus on balancing your finances.  Check to make sure that you are spending your money in areas that matter most to you.  This card may also simply be reminding you to loosen up and have some fun.  Be sure you are balancing your life with plenty of play!

ReversedIf this card is pulled in the reversed position, it may point to your inability to balance everything within your life.  You are overwhelmed with too many tasks and are risking dropping the ball where it matters most.  Try instead to focus on one task at a time and continue to keep your priorities in order.  This reversed card may also mean that you are having a hard time managing your finances to your detriment.  It may be time to sit down with a professional and figure out a budget that tends to all areas of your spending.


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The number 2 represents duality, harmony, and cooperation.  It points to the coming together of two vibrations or forces to bring about change.

In a positive light, the number 2 refers to compatibility, partnership, sensitivity, cooperation, change, trust, and sincerity.

In a negative light, the number 2 represents fear, depression, self-consciousness, and shyness.



The Sacral Chakra represents our sexual and creative energy.  It governs our ability to give and receive in balance, our procreative nature, and our overall sense of worthiness and connection to the world around us. Tarot cards related to this chakra focus around the creative process.

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