Emerge from the INFJ Shadow Self

**BEST SELLER!** Emerge From the Shadows $25

A 5 day actionable program for INFJs to move toward emotional balance

Are you feeling stuck inside of your head?  Perhaps you reach for external stimuli to pull you out but only wind up feeling worse with each attempt.  Interacting with others becomes a chore but remaining alone pushes you into a darker place. If so, you are probably experiencing the effects of the INFJ shadow experience.

In this 5 day program, you will receive practical actionable steps each day to pull you out of the grips of darkness by balancing your cognitive processes and achieving clarity in your thoughts.  Complete with written information, daily action steps, and printouts, you will gain lifelong insight into your shadow self and discover how to emerge from the shadows.



Is It Intuition?  $27

A 7 day eCourse designed to help you distinguish and tune into your inner voice

As an intuitive, empath or highly sensitive person, your life is driven by intuition.  However, when paired with your strong ability to understand and absorb emotions, you find yourself constantly questioning whether you are receiving a great intuitive insight or simply an emotional response. In this course you will discover the answer to that nagging question, “Is it intuition?”


Take Back Your Emotions

A self-led program designed to help you find emotional stability amidst the chaotic energies of others

Do you find yourself in a state of constant emotional confusion?  Are you exhausted with daily life, wishing you could find some reprieve?  Have you reached a point where you just cannot handle the overwhelming negative emotions around you?  Odds are, you are an empath or highly sensitive person. The time has come for you to find peace in your life and no longer feel out of control.


Daily Chakra Cleansing  $15

A 7 day eCourse to offer simple techniques designed to cleanse your chakras

Chakra healing is a science that has been around for hundreds of years and is finally making a comeback in modern medicine. But with so much information out there on all seven Chakras, how to actually get started can seem overwhelming. Because of that, I created a very simple and easy-to-use daily cleansing process. Now you can stop searching through endless articles and jump right into full body healing!