What is e-Mentoring?


E-Mentoring is a one-on-one program I created in response to those who want to take their understanding and growth beyond broad articles or general programs.  It is a chance to ask specific questions or seek clarification and understanding in order to apply what you have learned through your own research to your personal situation.

This program is all about listening, lending an understanding ear for those who may not have anyone they can currently talk to about their gifts, expanding on thoughts you bring to the table, offering perspective on experiences throughout your path, and providing resources whenever possible.


e-Mentoring is a fit for you if:


  • You are an empath, highly sensitive person, OR intuitive who is ready to go beyond reading articles and dig deeper into your mind, your gifts, and your abilities.
  • You are seeking someone who understands your unique qualities when those closest to you are unsure or disinterested in talking about your newfound personal discoveries.
  • You have specific questions about your personality, your gifts, or your life’s situation that you want to hash through but are unsure of where to find the information or assistance.
  • You feel comfortable with where you are but are looking to grow further in the knowledge you have gained in your research.


e-Mentoring may not be for you if:


  • You are seeking emotional support or therapeutic services.  As a mentor, it is my goal to help you find your own understanding and learn how to help you expand in your gifts.  This is not intended to replace or act as professional therapy.
  • You want relationship or career advice.  This program is all about you and helping you dig deeper into finding your true self.  Changes in relationships, careers, or anything outside of yourself may be a side effect, but the goal is to focus on your own growth, not things outside of yourself.
  • You are seeking a “quick fix” to something specific in your life.  As a mentor, I am available to assist you in working through your thoughts about a situation, but ultimately, you must be ready to put in the effort to make long-term shifts in your life.  I operate under the belief that no one needs to be “fixed,” but rather we all seek deeper understanding of who we are.  If you are not ready for some soul-searching, then this program isn’t for you.


E-Mentoring isn’t the right fit for everyone, but if you feel called at this stage in your personal journey to dig a little deeper into everything you have discovered, then now is a great time to get started.

Depending upon what you are seeking at this time, I offer two e-Mentoring packages which are available on a monthly basis as needed:


Email Package

Email mentoring which includes 2 emails per week (for a total of 8 emails) with response time not to exceed 24 hours, for $100 per month. (There is no limit of questions you can ask per email.)

Live Chat Package

Email mentoring + live sessions which includes 2 emails per week (for a total of 8 emails) with response time not to exceed 24 hours, plus 1 weekly scheduled 30 minute live chatting session (through email, Facebook Messenger, or an established private Facebook group) for $250 per month.

After payment, you will receive an email directly from me within 24 ours and we can get started right away!  I look forward to working with you!



Disclaimer: This one-on-one program is designed to assist you on your journey and cannot guarantee any results. How much you get out of this directly correlates to how much you put into it.  Everyone’s journey is unique and mentoring should be viewed as a tool to assist you on your journey.

Jennifer Soldner is not a physician or psychiatrist. Always consult a physician prior to making any changes to your diet, exercise routine or overall lifestyle. No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the information in this program. By participating in this program, you agree to take full responsibility for your physical and mental health well-being. If you have not already, please read our terms and conditions here.

Please note, this is an e-Mentoring program and no phone calls are included. All program transactions are processed securely through Paypal. Paypal, credit cards and debit cards are accepted. By purchasing this program, you agree to our specified Terms of Service. If you are unsure whether or not to purchase a program, I encourage you to take a look around the website and browse through the free content before making a decision.

Please add ‘jennifer@jennifersoldner.com’ to your address book to prevent emails from being delivered to your spam filter.  If you have not received an email within 24 hours after purchase, please contact us at info@jennifersoldner.com.