Life Coaching

Have you recently discovered that you are an Empath?  Do you feel overwhelmed, confused or lost with this new found knowledge?  Do find yourself asking:

  • Why am I different?
  • Why doesn’t anyone understand me?
  • Why is my life so difficult?
  • When do I get relief?
  • When does someone care about me?

We live in a world that does not recognize or understand Empathic perspectives.  A world that shuns the notion of Empathic abilities and fears the truth that some of us face day in and day out.

Discovering that you are an Empath can be a life-altering experience.  You may find this information both relieving and frightening, wondering where to go next.  Those around you do not understand what you are experiencing let alone have the ability to help you dig deeper and apply this knew filter of knowledge to all the areas of your life.

As an Empathic Life Coach, I understand what you are experiencing.  I know how it feels to finally have an explanation for the confusing emotions with which you have struggled all these years.  I know the sense of relief that comes with realizing you are not over-sensitive, you are not broken, you are not strange.

Above all else, you are not alone.

It is my hope to offer other Empaths an outlet to work through their new discoveries.  I create a safe place where all thoughts are welcome without judgment and without the closed filters that we are met with in the world around us.  In this safe space, I can help you:

  • Understand what it means to be an Empath.
  • Search through the roots of your past to discover why you have these unique abilities.
  • Learn how to apply this new understanding to your life, relationships, career and more.
  • Establish boundaries, techniques and tools to help you cope when life feels overwhelming.
  • Grow to accept and appreciate who you are and be able to stand in your personal truth.

I believe that we are all on a path to discover who we are so that we may give away our gifts to those in need.  Each one of us is in charge of our journey, but that never means we must make our journey alone.

If you feel lost, misunderstood or alone and are seeking a safe place to be heard, understood and guided, then know that I am available to assist you on your journey.

You no longer have to feel alone.

To find out if Life Coaching is right for you, contact me to schedule a Free 30 minute Discovery Call today.

What is Life Coaching?

So many times through our lives we can feel lost, confused, overwhelmed or alone.  Life Coaching helps you work through those periods to gain better clarity and assist you in moving forward with any endeavor you are struggling with, whether in your business or career, relationships, schooling or overall life.


Is Coaching like therapy?

Coaching is not a form of therapy.  Therapy helps you work through specific problems in your past whereas coaching assists in offering clarity in the now.  Coaching is perfect for those who have worked on their past struggles and are ready to break through to a new future.


Is Coaching right for me?

Only you can answer this question.  Coaching benefits anyone who is ready to look at their life, look at their truth and break through their old paradigms to create a new future.  If you are ready to work on you, put you first and put in the effort to make what you want a reality, than coaching is absolutely for you!


This sounds interesting, but I’m still not sure.

Making the decision to work with a Life Coach should not be taken lightly.  For that reason, I want to make sure that you feel completely confident in moving forward.  I offer a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call where we can discuss what coaching is, what you are looking to change and how we can move forward together.

If this sounds like the path for you, please contact me to schedule your FREE 30 minute Discovery Call today.