The Empathic INFJ has empowered me to be able to go out into the world with more confidence. Well worth the read.

Marg R.


Great insights on our strengths. Overall it was helpful to hear someone else put my thoughts and feelings in words.

Rebecca W.


I have read and will reread this book to better understand the love of my life. It has shown me successes and failures in my relationship with my wife but ultimately it has given me hope to grow and be the man that she needs and wants.



As an INFJ, Jennifer Soldner hit the nail on the head. Definitely recommend this for anyone interested in the INFJ type.

Ryan E.


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Jennifer is right on, highly recommend!

Michael B.


I could relate to just about everything! It is helpful and freeing. Thank you for writing this book!

Milan K.


I believe any INFJ would benefit from reading Jennifer’s story, and I’m so glad to have her book in my library. I know I’ll be going back to it time and again for inspiration.

C.L. Denault

Author, The INFJ Cafe

Jennifer Soldner writes with raw vulnerability about the struggles of the INFJ personality type. As someone who identifies as an INFJ, I [see] myself in many parts of her writing.

Jennifer Granneman

Editor, Introvert Dear

Jennifer’s words are a beautiful, real, vulnerable – the only way us INFJs know how – and will offer anyone an accurate and profound look into the life of an INFJ.

Lindsay R.