Are you an Intuitive, Empath or Highly Sensitive Person?

Welcome!  I’m Jennifer Soldner, author, empathic INFJ and highly sensitive person.  After a lifetime of feeling lost, misunderstood and alone, my entire world changed when I began learning about who I truly am and growing to accept and love everything that makes me unique.

Along my journey, I met many others who were just like me, stumbling around various paths hoping to find the secret that everyone else seemed to know.

Each day wondering

Why is life so difficult?
Why am I so different?
Why do I feel like I am standing on the outside looking in?
Why do I see, feel and know things others don’t seem to understand?

Then one day, I took a simple online Myers-Briggs Personality Test.  My results: INFJ.

In that moment, things began to click.  I learned as much as I could about what it meant to be an intuitive, leading me to further pieces of the puzzle:

Highly Sensitive
Energetic Being

Each piece brought me further along on my journey of self-discovery.


Each and every person is on a journey.


I created this website to help others just like me along the steps of their individual path.  To bring all that I have learned together in one place.  To offer understanding, hope and encouragement to those just beginning to discover that they are an Intuitive, Empath or Sensitive.


Are You Ready?


If you have landed on this website, you probably have at least some inkling that you are an intuitive, empath or sensitive.  But now it is time to take that inkling and add a sense of clarity.  Piece together the puzzle of what makes you who you are and see the beauty, perfection and wholeness of your being.

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To discover if you too are an empath…

If you have found yourself overwhelmed by the emotions of others, lacking control over your emotional state or have been considered “too sensitive” or “dramatic,” you may be an empath.

Empaths, or Clairsentients (literally, “clear sensing”), absorb the emotional and physical energies of those around them.  Sometimes simply learning that you have empathic abilities is the first step in gaining control over your life and controlling the emotional rollercoaster you consistently find yourself on.

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To gain clarity in your intuition…

As an intuitive, empath or highly sensitive person, your life is driven by intuition.  However, when paired with your strong ability to understand and absorb emotions, you find yourself constantly questioning whether you are receiving a great intuitive insight or simply an emotional response.

Discover the answer to that nagging question, “Is it intuition?” 

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To find emotional stability amidst the energies of others…

Do you find yourself in a state of constant emotional confusion?  Are you exhausted with daily life, wishing you could find some reprieve?  Have you reached a point where you just cannot handle the overwhelming negative emotions around you?  Odds are, you are an empath or highly sensitive person.

The time has come for you to find peace in your life and no longer feel out of control. 

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I am so glad that you are here and I thank you for allowing me to be a piece of your personal journey.  It is my hope to empower you through understanding and self-acceptance so that you, too, can thrive in your gifts and shine a light on the paths of others.