The Energetic Art of Selecting Crystals

I heard a story once about a man who was passionately into stones and crystals.  He considered himself an expert and knew exactly which crystal to offer you for any emotional or physical ailment.

One day he was walking along a beach shore when he happened upon a unique stone.  He had no clue what type it was but he adored it from the moment he saw it.  He put it in his pocket and decided to bring it to his petrologist friend to figure it out.

Weeks went by before he was able to see his friend, but he continued to carry this rock with him.  He bonded with it and felt a joyful connection beyond any he had before with a stone or crystal.

Finally he was able to meet with the petrologist where he received some startling (and rather embarrassing) news: the stone he had cherished for the past weeks was, in fact, a jelly bean.

I tell his story as often as I can.  It holds within its humor a scientific truth: everything is energy.

Every rock, every stone, every crystal, and yes, every jelly bean, is energy.  It is a mass of vibrating atoms and the only thing which makes it what it is is the speed at which those atoms are vibrating.


Our Frequency Range


Just like those crystals and stones, we are also vibrating energy.  We all have a range at which we vibrate which is what determines our emotional state.  Each person’s frequency range is different.

One person’s low frequency range may be boredom or restlessness while another person’s is depression.  Your high frequency range could be pure elation while someone else may simply feel relief.

At the center of this range is our median frequency.  This median is what determines our overall health and functioning.  When we do something that keeps us more consistently above our median frequency, the median slowly shifts higher.  On the contrary, things which cause us to vibrate more consistently in our lower range shift our median lower.

Crystals work by elevating our median frequency.  Have you ever been around something that just made you feel better?  Maybe it was so beautiful that it filled your heart with joy.  Or perhaps you couldn’t explain why, you just wanted to be near it.  That is because it’s median frequency was the same as a your higher frequency, so it pulled you up there with it.

Things which pull us too far up make us feel uncomfortable.  They are pulling us out of a frequency range that is familiar and so we feel worse despite its high vibration.  This isn’t to say we can never reach that frequency, but barring extreme circumstances, gradual shifts up are easier to handle, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Selecting the Right Crystals for You


Selecting crystals and stones is, therefore, a very personal affair.  No article or encyclopedia can tell you which stone is best for you.

Perhaps you read that the datolite stone is one of the highest frequency stones so you rushed right out to buy one, hoping it would enhance your intuition, heal your physical health, and elevate your frequency.

But when you got to the store, you find you don’t feel as you thought you would when holding that stone.  Maybe you feel nothing.  Maybe you feel uncomfortable.  Maybe it even makes you feel sick.  That is because, while it may be a high frequency stone, it is not the right stone for you at this time.

The absolutely best way to select a crystal or stone is to step away from the internet and put down the books.  Go into a store and just feel.  Pick some up, look around, and buy the first ones to which you are called.

The stones that make you feel good, whether due to their appearance, feel, or color, are the stones that are on the same frequency of your higher range.  These are the stones you want to surround yourself with in order to gradually increase your median frequency.

Bear in mind, there is no good or bad here.  If the datolite or the elestial quartz do not feel right to you, don’t berate yourself for not being at a higher vibration.  Higher does not equal better.  Your goal is to feel the best you can feel in this moment. 

Selecting stones based upon the ailments they are believed to cure may be a good place to start, but only if it feels right.  Let’s say you have consistent migraines and are looking for a stone to cure these.  You read that amethyst and rose quartz are good for soothing migraine pain so you decide to start there.

But what if you find that you don’t feel called to these stones?  Then they are not going to help elevate your frequency in order to ease your migraines.  These recommendations are based upon average frequency ranges for people who have migraines.  You may not fall within this range therefore selecting these stones could affect your range and actually make your migraines worse.

Only you can tell what stones and crystals are right for you.  Trust your feelings and your intuition and ignore what the books might say.  There is no right or wrong as long as it makes you feel better.  You might just find that the best stone for you is, in fact, a jelly bean.


The Damaging Mistruth about the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a philosophy which is becoming more and more widely known but the further out the knowledge spreads, the more distorted it grows.  When we hear snippets here and there, Facebook blurbs, Abraham Hicks quotes, or coaches pitching products, and formulate our beliefs around those pieces, we are missing a lot.  A lot.

But missing these components does little more than prevent you from successfully using the law of attraction  You hear a snippet about how you need to feel good all the time so you do that and wonder why everything you’ve ever desired isn’t falling into your lap.

As annoying as it may be to not get this universal law to work for you, it’s the snippets and mistruths which go beyond annoying and become downright damaging.

There is one main statement that seems to fuel the law of attraction.  It is so widely believed that addressing it among those who passionately stand by it can turn into quite a heated debated.  So let me lay it out here for you:


Mistruth: You attract what you are.

Truth: You attract what you believe.


Why is this mistruth so damaging? 


It seems innocent enough, right?  It is only one simple word change.  So why is this mistruth so damaging?  Because we will inevitably attract things which we perceive as negative and bad.  These things are necessary in life.  They are necessary for growth and to achieve what we truly want. When we choose to manifest something in our lives, the law of attraction may need to drag us through some mud first in order to get there.

If we believe that we attract what we are, then every negative thing that happens in our lives because a strong hit to our self-esteem and self-image.  Each cruel or rude person that pops up in our life now appears to reflect all that is awful within us.

For those who have experienced or are currently experiencing abusive relationships, this belief can make or break their psyche.  They are already being conditioned by an abuser to believe they are “bad,” “selfish,” and “cruel.”  So the belief that they attract what they are only perpetuates this thinking, keeping them in these relationships, attracting more like it, and ultimately blaming themselves for how awful they are.

The truth is that they are not attracting what they are.  You are not attracting what you are.  We all attract what we believe.

If we believe we are unworthy or less than, then we will attract people who treat us as such.  This does not mean we are unworthy or less than, simply that we believe ourselves to be so.

If we believe that we have blocks preventing us from achieving wealth, then we will attract blocks which prevent us from our wealth.  If we believe that we must fix ourselves before we can find love, then we will attract more things about ourselves to fix, perpetually keeping us from true love.  If we believe that we are destined to be miserable, then we will be miserable.

There is absolutely nothing about ourselves that is wrong in this moment, nor is there anything that needs to be fixed.  We just are.  We are whole and complete and unique and the law of attraction is working just perfectly within our lives.

It is not a matter of changing who we are, because we don’t need to change who we are.  It is a matter of changing what we believe about who or where or what we are.


Where does this mistruth stem from?


If the idea that we attract what we are is so inaccurate, why is it so widespread?  Basically, because of a lack of understanding of what the law of attraction really is.

Ready for this?  The law of attraction is not a real universal law.

Shocking, right?  It is, in all actuality, a combination of two true, immutable, universal laws: the law of mentalism and the law of vibration.

When we lose sight of this fact, we are no longer working with the real laws of the universe.  Rather we are making up a law and wondering why it isn’t working consistently.

Here’s an example to clarify:

Let’s say, through our understanding of the law of gravity and the law of cause and effect, we fabricated a law and called it the Law of Pushing.  We used this law to explain how pushing a ball off the edge of a counter made it fall it 100% of the time.

Over time, the law of pushing spread and ultimately became widely known as a true universal law.  People began teaching that if you push a ball it will fall every time.  So then, people start pushing balls around.  They’re kicking them and swatting at them with the belief that the ball will fall as the law of pushing is supposedly infallible.

But they don’t realize that they can’t just push the ball, they have to push the ball off of something.  Because they are missing a very necessary component, the law of pushing doesn’t work consistently and they begin to question if it’s a real law at all.

This is what has happened with the law of attraction.  It is a made up law not based in any science or fact.  Because of this, anyone can make up anything and call it the law of attraction through their own personal understanding and experience.  But the issue is that this is not the way laws work, so it will not work 100% of the time.

The law of mentalism and the law of vibration, however, are infallible.  They work all the time, every time, always and forever.  And together, they state that you attract what you believe.


How can we correct this?


Let’s say the law of attraction hasn’t consistently been working for you or, worse, it has made you feel horrible about yourself and your life.  You have been trying everything the experts say, from being positive all the time, visualizing like a mad man, throwing together dream boards, and reciting mantras until you are blue in the face to perpetually trying to fix yourself, assuming you are broken.  Still, nothing.

If the hypothetical law of pushing was not working, the only way to understand why is to learn the true laws it was based upon: the law of gravity and the law of cause and effect.

The same goes for the law of attraction.  In order to make it truly work for you, you must learn and understand the two true laws it is based upon: the law of mentalism and the law of vibration.  In my attempt to help others get to the bottom of this and stop perpetuating the damaging and inaccurate beliefs around the law of attraction, I wrote the book, Behind the Law of Attraction which covers these two laws and more.

Check it out, then come back and reread this article.  Remember, you do not attract what you are, you attract what you believe.


Behind the LOA

Discover everything you need to know about the laws Behind the Law of Attraction.

The Development of Your Chakra System

Understanding How (and When) Your Chakras Developed


Our chakra system functions in layers.  Similar to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the lower chakras must be properly developed and functioning in order for the higher chakras to develop correctly.

While activities to unblock and balance our chakra system may be beneficial overall, if the core of our chakra was improperly developed, then we will not be able to achieve the full mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of a healthy chakra system.

Unfortunately, our chakras were developing long before we were ever aware of their existence.  From birth, our chakra system has been forming.  If one chakra system developed poorly or out of alignment, then the rest do not cease to develop.  Rather, they begin developing on a basis of already blocked energy.

The good news is that our chakra system is fluid and ever-growing.  While they may have been forming on blocked energy, it is never too late to reform them and achieve optimum health.  However, this is not a slow or simple process as it requires a deep look into our past development as well as the knowledge of how to heal these energetic wounds.


Timeline of Development


In the mid-1900s, renowned psychologist Erik Erikson identified stages of psychosocial development in his work, Childhood and Society.  He described these eight developmental stages as challenges or “crises” which we are faced with at varying times throughout our life.  How we come through those stages forms that aspect of our psyche.

Each stage builds upon the previous one, carrying the distortion of a failed challenge to the next stage, affecting how we are able to handle it, and thus, how our psyche forms.

The chakra system forms in just the same way and in a similar timeline.  By looking at each of these life stages, we can see where our energy became blocked in that chakra and move toward healing and reforming that energy system.

Let us take a look at the timeline of development:



Root Chakra: Birth – 2 years old

This first stage of development focuses on the formation of our trust in the world.  If our caregivers are consistent, attentive, and responsive, we develop a sense of basic trust.  However, if they are inconsistent and neglectful, a basic mistrust is developed.

Our root chakra is the center of physical safety.  This is the foundation of our entire chakra system, and, when we do not feel a sense of overall trust and security, all else in our life is distorted through a lens of fear.

This blockage is not easily cleared through simple mantras or chakra cleansing exercises.  While we cannot choose our caregivers at such a young age, we can heal and acknowledge that aspect of our lives with deep inner work.  As long as the energy in our root chakra is blocked from consistent negative experiences in our infancy, then any work done on additional chakras will not be as beneficial.

In order to begin this healing process, one may need to seek professional counsel and be willing to do some intense inner work.  The seed of mistrust and fear has been running through you for your entire life, so be patient with yourself as you work through this blockage gradually and reform your root.



Sacral Chakra: 2 – 3 years old

The second stage of psychosocial development forms our sense of autonomy.  During this age, we begin exploring the world around us, attempting to master a variety of challenges on our own, pushing bounds and building confidence.  Our creative minds are at work and we begin testing out cause and effect while learning to use our body in conjunction with the world around us.

The safer we felt, the more creative we allowed ourselves to be.  If our caregivers set healthy, consistent boundaries and allowed us to explore safely, we were able to develop a strong sense of autonomy on our foundation of security.  On the other hand, if they smothered us or critiqued us every step of the way, then we developed shame for our creative efforts and learned that using our body was wrong.

Our sacral chakra houses our creative and sexual energy.  It is the place where we carry our sense of confident autonomy, recognizing the power of our body and harnessing this power to achieve beautiful things.  When malformed, this chakra holds a sense of shame, both emotionally and physically.  We suppress our natural urge to use our body and feel as though we are unable to express ourselves in any creative manner for fear of critique.

In order to heal this energy center, we must first heal our root chakra and learn that it is safe for us to express ourselves physically and creatively.  Slowly branching out in our endeavors and seeing the positive effects of allowing our sacral energy to flow brings about confidence and a greater sense of autonomy.  Painting a picture, moving our body, applying creative energy to problem solving, and exploring our sexuality individually are examples of safe ways to begin healing our sacral energy.


Solar Plexus Chakra: 4 – 5 years old

The third stage of development pertains to our self-esteem.  At this age, you began acknowledging your personal power.  You felt strong emotions and could see the way these emotions affected those around you.  You began recognizing that your actions and behaviors could evoke emotions from your caregivers, such as hitting or screaming.  You realized that what you said could affect how others interacted with you.  Ultimately, you began to see that you held power in the world.

If our caregivers encouraged our expressions in healthy manners (i.e. allowed us to share our thoughts safely, took our opinions into consideration, acknowledged our strong emotions as normal and natural), then we formed a healthy sense of confidence.  On the other hand, if they punished us for standing up, dismissed our opinions, or shamed us for our actions, then we began to develop feelings of guilt for expressing ourselves.  From this stemmed low self-esteem and weak initiative.

Our solar plexus chakra is the energy center of our will power and confidence.  When it is malformed during this phase of life, we lack inner power and hold ourselves back from making choices and taking actions.  It also may cause us to have a limited sense of self-awareness or distorted view of our talents.  As we heal our root and sacral chakras, we feel more confident in using our power, allowing the energy to flow freely through our solar plexus.

Heart Chakra: 6 – 12 years old

The fourth stage of development occurs during what Sigmund Freud referred to as the “latency stage.”  During this stage, our sexual development which occurred in the previous three stages (safety, sexuality, and confidence) takes a pause from active development and we begin to progress in our connections with the outside world.  During this fourth phase, we work hard at being “good” and doing what is right.  We learn sharing and connecting, and begin establishing our morals based on the cultural values around us.

If we feel we cannot fit in and ultimately are “unsuccessful” at this life challenge, then we wind up with feelings of not being good enough.  We begin thinking thoughts like What is wrong with me? or I must be unlovable.  As a protection method, we then turn towards self-sabotaging behaviors or self-absorbed behaviors.  We shut down outside connections and protect ourselves from further ridicule.

Our heart chakra connects us to other people.  It is the energy center which harnesses our ability to love and empathize with the world around us as well as allows us to be loved by others.  When this center is malformed from the fourth stage of development, it leads to blocks which cause lack of empathy and fear of intimacy.

When we begin this stage with blockage or malformation of the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, we struggle to open our hearts fully and allow this energy center to develop and function at the optimum level.  In order to heal and open our heart, we must recognize the connection to the first three chakras as well as allow ourselves to reconnect with the world.  Only through this connection can the energy in our heart chakra flow unobstructed.


Throat Chakra: 13 – 19 years old

The fifth stage of development is best classified by the question, “Who am I?”  In this stage, we struggle to identify who we are while remaining connected with our group identity.  We seek to find our voice among peer pressure while conforming to the security of fitting in.

When we can successfully balance what Erikson called “role confusion,” we are able to develop a healthy sense of who we are and our place in the world.  On the other hand, when we are unable to define ourselves and commit to our place in life, we hold ourselves and our psychosocial development back.

The throat chakra is the energy center of our communication.  It governs our ability to express ourselves freely and confidently.  In order for our throat chakra to function at optimal level, we need to know exactly who we are and feel safe in expressing our truths.


These five developmental stages and chakras are the base of who we are.  When they are not formed properly, then we end up stagnant in our growth, unable to reach higher levels of self-awareness and consciousness.

Unless and until each of these chakras is healed and allowing the free flow of our energy, we cannot move into the additional stages of development which allow for deeper sense of intimacy, awareness of our connection to those around us as well as our connection to divine forces.

In order to access our third eye, crown, and higher chakras, we must first align our base five.  Essentially, until we feel safe, secure, and confident in who we are and how we fit in with the world, we cannot successfully move further into our spiritual quest.


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How to Open Your Third Eye

Enhance Your Intuition & Tap Into Your Clairvoyant Abilities


The third eye is a chakra located on the center of the brow.  When this chakra is wide open, balanced, and functioning at the highest vibration possible, you will be able to access your intuition on a deeper level than ever before.

The third eye is the center that allows us to tap into our clairvoyant insights, seeing life with a spiritual eye.

All of our senses and chakras are translating energy around us and the third eye translates higher vibrational energy into something we can actually see.  This gift of clairvoyance is available to everyone; it is simply a matter of learning how to open and balance your third eye chakra.


Align Your Chakras

The chakras work together as energy wheels.  If one chakra is imbalanced or blocked then it spreads to the others and affects your overall health and ability to function at the highest vibe possible.  In order to practice using your third eye, all of your chakras need to be aligned and working in perfect health.

This should be a part of your daily routine, like exercising and eating right, as our chakras need continuous fine-tuning.  If you are just starting out with chakra cleansing, it is helpful to begin with your root chakra and work your way up.

It is important to note that our chakra health goes all the way back to our birth and possibly even before.  Chakra work can take months and even years to balance and cleanse.  Start out slowly and be patient with yourself.  There is no rush to full chakra health.

You can snag my Root Chakra cleansing intensive (and free accompanying meditation) to get you started as well as my Daily Chakra Cleansing program to start incorporating chakra health into your everyday life.



Meditation is an absolute priority to begin opening and using your third eye chakra.  While meditation may call to mind sitting in a lotus position and staring at a wall, it does not always need to look this way.

The point to meditation is to reach the “alpha” state of your brain.  This is the state where your mind is working at optimum level.  You can reach this state in many ways, including showering, walking in nature, and even driving familiar, stress-free roads.  The key is to find what works for you to enter a deep meditative state and do it daily.

You are not likely to see immediate benefits from meditation.  In some cases it can take weeks or months to reap the rewards, especially if your chakras have been blocked for some time.  Keep at it, though, as this is the best way to open your third eye.


Mudra Chakras

Mudra chakras are hand movements designed to trigger small energy centers and channels throughout the body.  Think of it as yoga for the hands.

The mudra chakra position to tap into the third eye is called the Kalesvara Mudra.  To do this position, put the first and second knuckles of each finger together. Reach your thumbs down and press the pads together forming a heart with your two hands. Straighten your middle fingers and touch the tips together, pointing away from your body. Hold this position for several minutes.

While you can do this anywhere to reap the benefits, it is best when used in conjunction with meditation in order to access your alpha brain.  Add in the third eye mantra, “ohm,” to trigger the energy centers in your mouth and really focus your attention on your third eye location.


Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used since the beginning of time to access our higher knowing.  The energy brought forth by nature in such a concentrated form offers benefits beyond what we are capable of reaching on our own.

The third eye chakra vibrates at one of the highest frequencies of all the chakras (second only to our crown).  Using aromatherapy and topical use of the highest vibrational essential oils allows us to elevate our energy centers to higher vibrations and access a greater sense of knowing.  Simply put, essential oils allow you to function at a higher spiritual level.

Some of the highest frequency oils are lavender, frankincense, helichrysum, and rose.  Using these oils in a diffuser or applying topically directly to the location of the third eye can increase your vibration while meditating and reaching your alpha brain.  This combination will bring about an alignment greater than meditation on its own.


Practice Seeing Auras

As you slowly bring your third eye into alignment, just like a muscle, it will work best if you begin using it often.  The third eye allows us to deeply see energy fields around us, most notably auras.   By practicing seeing auras while continuing to perform the above steps daily, you will have a guide showing you your progress.

When you start out, you may struggle to see anything at all, but over time, you will watch as the forms take shape around people and things and then slowly you will begin to see colors.  As your third eye continues to open, you will visibly be able to witness your progress.


Opening your third eye is easy, but it is not quick.  If you are looking for a fast track, then odds are you will not achieve your goals.  Follow these steps daily and be patient.  It will happen when you least expect it.




Understanding the Saboteur Archetype

And How It Manifests In Your Life


We all have archetypes active within our psyche.  These pieces of our mind were discovered by Carl Jung and have been expanded upon for decades.

There are thought to be hundreds if not infinite psyche archetypes active within us, but some archetypes more commonly express themselves in our lives.  One of these is called the Saboteur.

The saboteur archetype is one of the four archetypes of survival.

It is continuously working in our psyche and develops based upon our past and present experiences.  While its name may sound negative, just like all archetypes, the saboteur offers both positive and shadow aspects depending upon how it manifests at any given time.

Becoming aware of the saboteur and how it works in our day to day lives helps us to shine a light on its shadow characteristics and use it to our advantage rather than our detriment.

The saboteur archetype exposes our fears. 

It points to how we are sabotaging ourselves and shows us where we can release the blocks we have established which are keeping us from our own personal success.

When we acknowledge the saboteur and see that it is pointing to our fears and discomforts, we can use these emotions to guide us towards our success rather than allow them to overtake us and destroy our chances.  Recognizing that our emotions are stemming from this psyche and thanking our saboteur for pointing out our blocks can uplift and empower us in our actions.

On the other hand, when we are unaware of our saboteur or when we allow its shadow to overrun us, we can become our own worst enemy.  Not only do we let our fears overrun us, but our saboteur archetype will manifest more fears which have no base, purposely holding us down and leading to consistent self-sabotaging thoughts and actions.

Everyone has this archetype within them and it functions prominently within all areas of our life.  In order to master this archetype and use it for our own good rather than detriment, we must acknowledge that it is working for our greatest good.

Its number one intention is our survival. 

To overcome the negative attributes, recognize the role it is playing, thank it for keeping you safe, and use the fears as a light shone on the parts of your plan that need more tending to rather than delving deeper into the fear and letting the fear become a self-fulfilling prophecy.


The Common INFJ

– Excerpt from the book INFJ Friendships: Making Real Connections

The INFJ personality type is known for being the rarest type.  The statistics may be difficult to pinpoint, but the general consensus places INFJs as making up only one to three percent of the world’s population.  If you are an INFJ male, you can cut those numbers in half.

When you look at that as a slice of one hundred percent, that is a pretty bleak number when you are hoping to find people who get you.  It is no wonder that many INFJs struggle with the belief that no one understands them.

But let us look at these numbers from a different perspective.  There are currently 7.5 billion people on the planet.  Taking the low end statistic of only one percent of that number means that there are 75 million INFJs in the world.  That is a lot of people who understand what it is like to think like you do.  It suddenly doesn’t sound so bleak, does it?

Allow me to give you another more visual perspective.  Let’s look at redheads.  I am sure you see redheads often at the supermarket, restaurants, or maybe even at your place of work.  If someone told you that you would see a couple of redheads within the next week, odds are that you would agree with them.  If you made it a point to notice redheads, you would probably be astonished by how many you bump into on a regular basis.



Now what if I told you that redheads make up only one to three percent of the population?  It’s the truth.  The exact same percentage as INFJs and yet you see them all the time.  Granted, you do see more blondes and brunettes, but if your goal was to find a redhead, it wouldn’t take you long to spot one.

The same is true for INFJs.  They might not be as common as other personality types, but odds are that you encounter a couple every week without even noticing it.  Just as you don’t broadcast your personality type, they aren’t flashing a beacon either.  But the reality is that you come across several people throughout the week that understand what it means to live as an INFJ in Save & Exit this world.

When you find yourself re-thinking those same unhelpful thoughts that no one understands you or that you are too different to meet anyone like you, just think of the number 75 million and take a look around you.  People just like you are everywhere.


Want to read more?  Grab your copy of INFJ Friendships: Making Real Connections!

INFJ Friendships Jennifer Soldner

What Are the 5 Mystical Laws

There are five mystical laws which govern our reality.  These laws, when understood and accepted, can lead us to greater clarity, mastering our life’s purpose, and allowing us to access the whole of our power.

When we fight against these laws, whether knowingly or unknowingly, we are met with greater challenges, a sense of confusion about our life, ill physical and mental health, and an overall sense of powerlessness.

Each of these laws is always and unchanging.  They are forever working in your life whether you are aware of them or not.  By acknowledging and accepting these laws, you can learn to use them to your advantage, much in the same way as learning gravity taught us how to fly.


1. There is Only Now


The first mystical law reminds us that there is only right now.  The past exists only in memory and that memory is happening right now.  The future exists only in thought and that thought is happening right now.

This law tells us to remain fully present in the current moment, conscious only of what is, and not fretting about what was or what could be.  It does not mean to forget the past or not think of the future, but rather to acknowledge that every thought one has is right now.  All of our power is in the now.

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Beliefs that we need to heal past traumas or fix something that occurred yesterday pull us out of the now.  It places our thoughts on things which are no longer within our control because our control only exists in the present moment.  You are exactly who you are right now.  You are precisely where you need to be right now.

Pull your conscious awareness only to the present moment and therein lies all of your power.


2. Forgiveness is Necessary


The second mystical law calls us to forgive.  Forgiveness is a necessary component of staying in the present moment, acknowledging that everything is as it should be, and allowing us to be completely who we are.  Forgiveness does not have anything to do with forgetting the past nor does it mean remaining in situations which are ill for our health and well-being.

Forgiveness is simply acknowledging that what was done was done and we have complete control over our now.  It frees us from seeking justice or revenge which only serves to steal our joy, and lets us release this to higher forces.  It allows us to see that everything happens for a reason and helps us to be exactly what we need to be.  Lessons have been given to us and we can now forgive and move forward.

Forgiveness is a mystical, not a logical, command. It makes no sense to the reasoning mind, because the reasoning mind is incapable of forgiveness. Genuine forgiveness is a self-initiated mystical act that requires the assistance of grace to release you from the compulsive and often self-righteous chatter of the ego, which continually enforces a position of entitled anger or hurt.” ~ Caroline Myss

Forgiveness applies to us as well as to others.  Forgiving ourselves for our perceived mistakes, for remaining in a situation we should not have been in, or for giving someone more chances than we wished we did.  Forgiving ourselves tells us that we are doing the best we can in the moment and it frees us from “shoulding” ourselves and taking away our power.  Forgiveness allows us to place our energy back in the present moment and not in rectifying the past.


3. Everything is an Illusion


Our entire reality is based on our mind.  Everything we see, hear, feel, taste, and smell is based on what our minds tell us.  We cannot see reality as it is as we can only comprehend it through our mind.  Thus, everything we experience is an illusion of the mind.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” ~ Albert Einstein

Acknowledging that all is an illusion frees us and empowers us.  It reminds us that nothing outside of ourselves can take away our power nor can it create our reality.  Only we can create what we experience in the now.  We have the power to train our senses to perceive reality in any way we choose.

Everything in our experience is an illusion of the mind and therefore through making the active choice to see the world in a new way, we can alter this illusion.  No one can take this power away from us.


4. Trust in Divine Intervention and Synchronicity


This fourth mystical law reminds us that we are a piece of something bigger; something that is working for the highest good of all.  Everything that happens is for a reason.  We are all divinely connected in manners beyond what we are capable of perceiving and this connection allows for continuous synchronicities upon our path.

How many times has something happened that turned out to be a blessing in disguise?  How many moments have you experienced that seemed insignificant until you saw them as part of a bigger picture?  This is divine intervention.  This is a piece of an energetic ballet that brings things together to work on a larger scale.

“At various points in our lives, or on a quest, and for reasons that often remain obscure, we are driven to make decisions which prove with hindsight to be loaded with meaning.” ~ Swami Satchidananda

The paradox of this lies within the acknowledgement that we are in full control of our existence and no one can remove that power while we experience divine intervention which seems outside of ourselves.  The fourth mystical law as a paradox cannot be explained and yet it is truth.  Trusting in ourselves and our own power while acknowledging synchronicities from a divine plan is the closest we can come to understanding this paradox.


5. Maintain Congruence of Mind, Body, and Soul


The fifth mystical law tells us that, regardless of our purpose in our own lives or in that of a greater divine plan, we must seek to achieve and maintain a congruence of the mind, body, and soul.  Essentially your beliefs must match your actions and your actions must match your beliefs at all times.  This congruence is only possible when we can achieve a full acceptance of each aspect of ourselves.

Often called “alignment” or “awakening,” congruence of the mind, body, and spirit occurs when we are in complete harmony with ourselves and the world around us, rather than fighting against what is, allowing for divine graces to naturally flow to you and through you in order to achieve your life purpose.  It is the natural state of all things.

“Be congruent, be authentic, be your true self.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi


These mystical laws are eternal.  Using them in conjunction with the understanding that the world is ever-changing and our power is always within us, we are able to tap into our intuition and harness our personal power in order to achieve our life’s work.  Not only does working with these laws rather than fighting against them bring ease and abundance to our lives, but it also enhances each experience calling us to exist in a state of appreciation and awe as the world unfolds around us.



Which Inner Child Archetype are You?

Each one of us has an inner child.  This is the part of our personality which yearns to be lighthearted and innocent.  It never grows old but it continually grows.  Carl Jung noted that this piece of the human psyche exists in each and every one of us and it interferes with or enhances our life choices and behaviors on a regular basis.  He called it the child archetype.

The child archetype is essential to our survival.  It holds within it our earliest feelings of security and safety and we carry that sense with us throughout our lives.  In a positive sense, our inner child balances out our responsibilities by reminding us to be playful and fun.  But when our sense of security is threatened or we perceive fear or potential discomfort, our inner child takes over and exhibits negative characteristics.

Just as with every aspect of our personalities, when we become aware of the actions of our inner child and embrace it fully as a piece of ourselves, then we can integrate it into our lives in the most positive ways.  The first step to this is understanding your inner child archetype.

There are six types of inner child archetypes.  Each one carries with it positive and negative characteristics which become apparent throughout our lives, from birth to death.  While everyone experiences aspects of each child archetype at some point or another, our true inner child is represented by the archetype which resonates with you most often throughout your lifetime.


Orphan Child

The orphan child archetype, sometimes referred to as the abandoned child, exhibits itself as one who tends to be independent throughout their life.  Often times having a history of feeling lonely, emotionally abandoned, or literally orphaned, the orphan child prefers to learn things on their own, avoiding groups, and conquering their fears themselves.

In a negative light, this child archetype may push others away to their own detriment, isolating themselves and not allowing loved ones in.  They also may overcompensate by continuously seeking a surrogate family in order to fill the emotional void.


Wounded Child

The wounded child archetype holds memories of an abusive or traumatic past.  They may have experienced a great deal of physical and emotional abuse over the course of their lives, often times at the hands of more than one person.  This archetype, when balanced and accepted, can awaken us to a great depth of compassion for others who are suffering from abusive situations.  Their focus becomes one of forgiveness and light, helping other wounded children through their traumas.

In a negative light, however, this child archetype may remain stuck in a repeating abusive pattern with partners, bosses, and friendships.  They grow accustomed to being a victim and blame all of their problems on their dysfunctional past.


Eternal Child

The eternal child archetype is forever young.  Exhibiting classic childlike characteristics, this archetype resists growing up, continuously looking for fun and playful ways to look at life.  A Peter Pan of sorts, this type determines to remain young in mind, body, and spirit, and encourages others to do the same.

In a negative light, this child may become irresponsible and unreliable, incapable of taking on adult tasks.  They might struggle with accepting the personal boundaries of others and become overly dependent on loved ones to take care of them.


Magical Child

The magical child is the enchanted part within us that sees a world of possibilities.  Often carefree, this child archetype looks for the beauty and wonder within all things, believing that everything is possible.  They are dreamers through and through.

However, when not balanced, this magical child archetype can grow to become pessimistic and depressed.  Their beliefs are squashed out and they become cynical of things they once spent hours fantasizing about.  They may also retreat into a fantasy world, delving into role-playing games, books, or films, losing touch with reality and taking little action in their own lives.


Divine Child

The divine child archetype is associated with innocence, purity, and almost god-like qualities.  They have a belief in redemption and are often deeply connected to the divine.  This child archetype may appear mystical and surreal.  Few choose this archetype for themselves as they do not believe they have these capabilities within them, but the divine child may be lying dormant within you, awaiting balance in order to reach your truest potential.

Its shadow characteristics may feel more familiar.  This archetype is often overwhelmed with negative energies and feels incapable of defending themselves.  They may become easily enraged and unable to control themselves when faced with evil, making them lose control and frighten themselves.


Nature Child

The nature child archetype has always felt deeply connected to plants, animals, and the earth around them.  They feel the most comfortable when they are surrounded by furry friends and may have the ability to communicate with nature.  This archetype is strongly drawn to animal spirit guides and dreams of them often.

The shadow side of the nature child lashes out physically at those around them.  They might become abusive to animals, plants, and even people.  Despite their deep connection, the shadow animal child uses nature as a punishment rather than a joy.


Everyone can relate to each of these archetypes at one point or another, but one in particular will make itself known to you continuously throughout your life.  This one will be your true child archetype.  As you grow to recognize its strengths and weaknesses and watch how this inner child manifests in your life, you will begin to balance your child archetype and see its playful positivity once again.


Additional Resources


Top 4 Tools to Enhance Your Intuition

We are all intuitive beings at our core but most of us have not practiced tuning into it on a regular basis.  The information that becomes available to us when we are able to learn how to listen, feel, sense, and just know is transformational.

Just like any other skill in life, using tools to help practice how to use our intuitive nature makes it easier to study and learn.  Intuition comes to us through a variety of senses, including touch, sound, vision, taste, smell, emotions, and thought.  Using these tools on a regular basis forces you to focus on your intuition, isolating the best way you receive insight, and strengthening your ability to tap into it.


Tarot Cards


Tarot cards carry with them a lot of misconceptions, the biggest being that the cards themselves have powers.  This is not even remotely true.  The cards are paper stock, no different from a deck of playing cards (in fact, you can use playing cards to read tarot, too).

Each card is filled with images which may look a little frightening at first (especially the Death card, Devil card, and Tower card) if you are unfamiliar with their meanings.  This artwork was not designed to be frightening, but to trigger your subconscious mind and access the collective unconscious using images.  It is the same practice as seeing a red octagon and knowing instantly that it means stop or dreaming about your teeth falling out and learning that it means anxiety or worrying about what others think of you.  This is your unconscious mind pulling from lifetimes of information in an instant.

Your unconscious mind connects deeply and directly with your intuition.  So the more you activate that piece of your mind, the easier it becomes to access it readily, thus allowing your intuition to come through more often.

Learning tarot cards is incredibly simple.  In fact, you do not even need to buy a deck to reap the benefits.  There are a large number of apps (I recommend Galaxy Tarot) available to teach you how to read the cards and allow you to focus deeper on your intuitive self.  If the images still bother you, look for cards with more uplifting art (I like these and these).


Mala Beads or Rosary


Mala beads and rosaries are strings of beads laid out in a pattern to work in conjunction with repetitive prayers and affirmations.  To use each one, you decide on a prayer or mantra you wish to repeat as you go through the beads.  This can be the same for all of the beads, or change up for each section or decade of beads.

Both mala beads and rosaries do not require any set religious or spiritual belief system to use.  While rosaries stem from the Catholic church, one does not need to be a Catholic to benefit from their use. Through moving your fingers along the beads, holding one for each prayer or mantra, it gives you a superficial movement to focus upon allowing your mind to remain fully present while you enter a meditative, or alpha brain, state.

Alpha brain is the state our mind enters when we feel calm and deeply relaxed.  In this state, it is scientifically shown that we are able to use more of our brains in ways still yet to be understood.  You often slip into this state when driving, taking a shower, going for a brisk walk, or just before falling asleep.  Each is an action which requires focus on the present without taking a large amount of active brain power or worry which triggers our beta brain.

Using mala beads or the rosary daily allows you a few moments each day in which you can purposefully enter your alpha brain and increase your ability to access deeper parts of your mind, bringing greater intuitive clarity.


Essential Oils


Essential oils carry with them properties that alter our physical state in healthy (and legal) ways.  Often used in meditation, exercise, prayers, shamanic journeying, healing sessions, and more, essential oils enhance our intuitive access by literally altering our brain chemistry.  Make sure the oils you select are the of the purest quality or else they will not offer the benefits you are seeking and may even be harmful.

Oils like frankincense, geranium, and lavender when used in aromatherapy balance the endocrine system, promoting stress relief and allowing the brain to function at higher levels.*  This mental clarity allows for greater intuitive insight by activating the introspective piece of our brains.

Essential oils also work for balancing our chakra system, opening our crown chakra, and bringing physical stability in order to enhance our extrasensory access.  When used in conjunction with meditation, mala beads, journaling, and tarot reading, you will find that you are able to enter a deeper state of relaxation and mental focus, heightening your intuitive awareness.


Paper and Pen


As simple as it seems, paper and pen are one of the easiest methods to tap into your intuition.  A lot like mala beads and rosaries, studies in the field of haptics (the field of research which studies the affects of touch and hand movements on brain functions) are showing that writing activates several parts of the brain and forces your mind to be intensely focused on the present moment, increasing cognitive functioning in ways we have hardly begun to understand.

By writing daily, we enhance our ability to channel through paper and pen.  Beginning by writing stream of consciousness thoughts or even repeatedly writing the alphabet or nonsensical words, you trigger your intuition to take over and thoughts begin to sweep freely into your mind.

Practicing this meditative technique daily can yield phenomenal results in intuitive access.  You may find as you read back through what you have written, you will be fascinated to discover what you have actually put on paper.  You may not remember having written certain pieces and even might stumble across information in your own handwriting that you never even knew.


Honing your intuition takes practice. Using these tools while remaining in the present and observing your thoughts, feelings, and sensations, will help you recognize when you are accessing intuitive knowing versus simply going about your day.  Pick one or two to implement into your daily practice and over the course of a couple of weeks, you are certain to see improvements in your intuitive abilities.

How Distant Energy Healing Works

We live in an amazing time; one where we can connect with someone on the other side of the globe in an instant.  This level of connection has brought with it the rise of distant energy healing.  Services are available through emails, videos, group chats, or even just a quick hop on social media.  Lives are being changed every single day by distant energy healing.

But how does it work?

You may have experienced it within your own life and still do not understand how it is possible for someone hundreds of miles away to offer you their energy and uplift your physical and emotional state.

We have trained ourselves into only seeing physical matter before us, but there is so much more we cannot see, including varying frequencies of energy.


Traveling at the Speed of Light


Everything is energy.  Color, mass, light, sound, emotions, and thoughts are all energy.  Our five senses, our entire physical being, has the ability to translate this energy.  Different energy travels at different speeds.  Studies in quantum mechanics have shown that the speed of emotional energy, the waves which carry the emotions, travel up to and beyond the speed of light.

To give you some perspective of what that means and how fast emotions travel:  Do you know how long would it take for a radio signal to travel around the entire globe if it was traveling at the speed of light? According to NASA, it would take 0.13 seconds.

That means that your emotional energy can travel around the entire earth faster than you can say the word earth.

Let that sink in for a moment.


Allowing the Energy In


So now that we see how fast we can send emotional energy anywhere in the world, how does this energy heal?

We are all energy.  We are all vibrating at a certain frequency and that frequency changes depending upon our thoughts and emotions.  Emotions are simply the physical translation of the vibrational frequency of our bodies.  The more consistently we vibrate at a lower level, the more we experience negative mental and physical affects, or dis-ease.

Energy healing is the act of opening ourselves up to the energy around us.  When someone asks for prayers, they are opening themselves up to receiving the positive intentions that others will offer.  When they ask for reiki, they are allowing themselves to receive the energy transfer from another.

By making the choice to receive the higher frequency energy, we momentarily release our own blocking of these higher frequencies that exist in droves around us and therefore allow it in, elevating our own frequency, lessening the negative effects of lower vibrations.

Unfortunately, these affects can only last as long as the recipient allows.  In the moment that another sends higher frequency energy, the recipient feels the positive effects.  But they can only hold this frequency through their own efforts and positive intentions.

This is why energy work is a great tool but should not be used as a crutch.  When used in conjunction with inner work, mindset shifts, dietary changes, and professional counsel or intervention when necessary, distant energy healing helps the recipient see their higher frequency potential as they learn to elevate their own frequency.


It Goes Both Ways


Sending distant energy healing is the act of sending higher frequency energy to a recipient of whom has opened themselves up to this frequency.  However, this energy transfer does not only work on high frequency energies.  If one is open to lower frequency energies, then they can receive those as well, worsening their current state.

Energy healers can only send energy from a frequency at which they are already vibrating.  Perhaps you have experienced a distant healing session where you felt worse after it was over.  In these cases, whether unknowingly or due to inexperience, the sender may not be vibrating as high as they needed to be to offer the distant healing.  On the other hand, it is also possible that the recipient was not opening themselves up to the higher vibration (often felt as hope or optimism about the healing) and instead they were blocking the reception (doubt or feelings of unworthiness).

Only seek energy healing from experienced distant healers and only do so when you can reach a place of optimism and excitement about the session.  Doubt is a normal response to alternative methods of healing, but allowing a glimmer of hope can be just enough to release the blocks towards receiving.

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