An Empath’s Guide to Emotional Freedom Techniques
A comprehensive video and eBook to teach you how to control your emotions through tapping.

As an empath, you are constantly absorbing emotions.
Friends, family, television characters, strangers on the street…it never seems to end.

Each time you absorb these emotions you feel a little heavier.  A little less in control of yourself.  A little more exhausted.


Only this time, you have another day’s worth of layers piled onto your emotional baggage.

This inability to shake those emotions, whether yours or those of others, drains you and drags you down.  On top of feeling fatigued day in and day out, you can’t help but wonder what effect this is having on your psychological and even physical state.

I totally get it.  I have been there.  When you lie in bed at night and your mind effortlessly recalls a painful news article you saw two weeks ago or that mean thing you said three years ago, and you replay the emotions of it over and over just wishing you could process it and let it go.

It’s painful and it’s heavy.
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But just for a moment, imagine what life would be like if there was a button you could press that would just let all those emotions fall away?

A simple tap that would allow you to feel freer and lighter, releasing both present and past emotions which no longer serve you?

The good news is, there is!  Built right into your body are a series of points that you can stimulate which will allow you to process and release negative emotions in only a matter of moments.

This powerful tool is called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

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People have used this technique for everything from habit changes to curing psychiatric disorders to attracting more financial freedom into their lives.

But on top of the many benefits of EFT is its little known ability to transform an empath’s life.

Let me show you how…

This program is currently only available through the Take Back Your Emotions program.

 In this program you will learn:


  • The history and science behind Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Simple methods to effectively locate and tap each EFT point
  • How to use EFT to release past emotional trauma, including from experiences, memories, and dreams
  • Ways to quickly and effectively release the emotions absorbed from those around you
  • Affirmations to use in conjunction with EFT to re-program your thoughts about your empathic gifts, arming you to face almost any situation with emotional confidence
  • The precise tapping points to ground and center yourself in the midst of your emotions
  • EFT shortcuts that you can implement any time and anywhere


Begin learning this simple technique immediately in order to regain control over your emotional state, shed those excess energies which no longer serve you, and transform your beliefs empowering you to face any situation.

Begin using this technique today

This program is currently only available through the Take Back Your Emotions program.

Immediately after purchase, you will receive:


  • A 35 minute comprehensive video (available for streaming or download)
  • A 16 page eBooklet jam-packed with everything you need to know to begin using Emotional Freedom Techniques right away.


It’s been used for everything from weight loss to managing anxiety, and now I show you how you can use it to transform your life as an empath.


No gimmicks or fluff.  This video gets straight to the heart of what you need to know to start using EFT today!


You don’t need any previous experience to benefit from this program.  This is a video program delivered straight to your inbox.


Immediately after purchase you will receive an email with links to access and download the video and eBooklet.


Still not sure if this course is right for you?  I encourage you to take a look around the website.  If you relate to the free content, then chances are you’ll benefit from the products too!

This program is currently only available through the Take Back Your Emotions program.

And Who Am I?

I’m Jennifer Soldner, Empathic Life Coach and self-help author.  I created this program because I want to offer you the number one technique I use with each of my clients to help them manage their emotional state and overcome their daily struggles.

As an empath myself, I have spent years studying both human sociology and psychology as well as energy and spiritual sciences trying to understand why some of us experience the world in a unique way.

As the author of The Empathic INFJ: Awareness and Understanding for the Intuitive Clairsentient, I have had the joy of seeing lives transformed through basic understanding which lies at the heart of self love and acceptance. It is for this reason that I wanted to go one step further and create programs specifically designed to help other empaths reach a deeper level of personal knowing in order to cultivate a space in which to thrive in your gifts.

As a giver and a natural healer, you deserve the joy and love that you so long to give to those around you.

Jennifer Soldner

This program is currently only available through the Take Back Your Emotions program.

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