I heard a story once about a man who was passionately into stones and crystals.  He considered himself an expert and knew exactly which crystal to offer you for any emotional or physical ailment.

One day he was walking along a beach shore when he happened upon a unique stone.  He had no clue what type it was but he adored it from the moment he saw it.  He put it in his pocket and decided to bring it to his petrologist friend to figure it out.

Weeks went by before he was able to see his friend, but he continued to carry this rock with him.  He bonded with it and felt a joyful connection beyond any he had before with a stone or crystal.

Finally he was able to meet with the petrologist where he received some startling (and rather embarrassing) news: the stone he had cherished for the past weeks was, in fact, a jelly bean.

I tell his story as often as I can.  It holds within its humor a scientific truth: everything is energy.

Every rock, every stone, every crystal, and yes, every jelly bean, is energy.  It is a mass of vibrating atoms and the only thing which makes it what it is is the speed at which those atoms are vibrating.


Our Frequency Range


Just like those crystals and stones, we are also vibrating energy.  We all have a range at which we vibrate which is what determines our emotional state.  Each person’s frequency range is different.

One person’s low frequency range may be boredom or restlessness while another person’s is depression.  Your high frequency range could be pure elation while someone else may simply feel relief.

At the center of this range is our median frequency.  This median is what determines our overall health and functioning.  When we do something that keeps us more consistently above our median frequency, the median slowly shifts higher.  On the contrary, things which cause us to vibrate more consistently in our lower range shift our median lower.

Crystals work by elevating our median frequency.  Have you ever been around something that just made you feel better?  Maybe it was so beautiful that it filled your heart with joy.  Or perhaps you couldn’t explain why, you just wanted to be near it.  That is because it’s median frequency was the same as a your higher frequency, so it pulled you up there with it.

Things which pull us too far up make us feel uncomfortable.  They are pulling us out of a frequency range that is familiar and so we feel worse despite its high vibration.  This isn’t to say we can never reach that frequency, but barring extreme circumstances, gradual shifts up are easier to handle, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Selecting the Right Crystals for You


Selecting crystals and stones is, therefore, a very personal affair.  No article or encyclopedia can tell you which stone is best for you.

Perhaps you read that the datolite stone is one of the highest frequency stones so you rushed right out to buy one, hoping it would enhance your intuition, heal your physical health, and elevate your frequency.

But when you got to the store, you find you don’t feel as you thought you would when holding that stone.  Maybe you feel nothing.  Maybe you feel uncomfortable.  Maybe it even makes you feel sick.  That is because, while it may be a high frequency stone, it is not the right stone for you at this time.

The absolutely best way to select a crystal or stone is to step away from the internet and put down the books.  Go into a store and just feel.  Pick some up, look around, and buy the first ones to which you are called.

The stones that make you feel good, whether due to their appearance, feel, or color, are the stones that are on the same frequency of your higher range.  These are the stones you want to surround yourself with in order to gradually increase your median frequency.

Bear in mind, there is no good or bad here.  If the datolite or the elestial quartz do not feel right to you, don’t berate yourself for not being at a higher vibration.  Higher does not equal better.  Your goal is to feel the best you can feel in this moment. 

Selecting stones based upon the ailments they are believed to cure may be a good place to start, but only if it feels right.  Let’s say you have consistent migraines and are looking for a stone to cure these.  You read that amethyst and rose quartz are good for soothing migraine pain so you decide to start there.

But what if you find that you don’t feel called to these stones?  Then they are not going to help elevate your frequency in order to ease your migraines.  These recommendations are based upon average frequency ranges for people who have migraines.  You may not fall within this range therefore selecting these stones could affect your range and actually make your migraines worse.

Only you can tell what stones and crystals are right for you.  Trust your feelings and your intuition and ignore what the books might say.  There is no right or wrong as long as it makes you feel better.  You might just find that the best stone for you is, in fact, a jelly bean.