The Law of Attraction is a philosophy which is becoming more and more widely known but the further out the knowledge spreads, the more distorted it grows.  When we hear snippets here and there, Facebook blurbs, Abraham Hicks quotes, or coaches pitching products, and formulate our beliefs around those pieces, we are missing a lot.  A lot.

But missing these components does little more than prevent you from successfully using the law of attraction  You hear a snippet about how you need to feel good all the time so you do that and wonder why everything you’ve ever desired isn’t falling into your lap.

As annoying as it may be to not get this universal law to work for you, it’s the snippets and mistruths which go beyond annoying and become downright damaging.

There is one main statement that seems to fuel the law of attraction.  It is so widely believed that addressing it among those who passionately stand by it can turn into quite a heated debated.  So let me lay it out here for you:


Mistruth: You attract what you are.

Truth: You attract what you believe.


Why is this mistruth so damaging? 


It seems innocent enough, right?  It is only one simple word change.  So why is this mistruth so damaging?  Because we will inevitably attract things which we perceive as negative and bad.  These things are necessary in life.  They are necessary for growth and to achieve what we truly want. When we choose to manifest something in our lives, the law of attraction may need to drag us through some mud first in order to get there.

If we believe that we attract what we are, then every negative thing that happens in our lives because a strong hit to our self-esteem and self-image.  Each cruel or rude person that pops up in our life now appears to reflect all that is awful within us.

For those who have experienced or are currently experiencing abusive relationships, this belief can make or break their psyche.  They are already being conditioned by an abuser to believe they are “bad,” “selfish,” and “cruel.”  So the belief that they attract what they are only perpetuates this thinking, keeping them in these relationships, attracting more like it, and ultimately blaming themselves for how awful they are.

The truth is that they are not attracting what they are.  You are not attracting what you are.  We all attract what we believe.

If we believe we are unworthy or less than, then we will attract people who treat us as such.  This does not mean we are unworthy or less than, simply that we believe ourselves to be so.

If we believe that we have blocks preventing us from achieving wealth, then we will attract blocks which prevent us from our wealth.  If we believe that we must fix ourselves before we can find love, then we will attract more things about ourselves to fix, perpetually keeping us from true love.  If we believe that we are destined to be miserable, then we will be miserable.

There is absolutely nothing about ourselves that is wrong in this moment, nor is there anything that needs to be fixed.  We just are.  We are whole and complete and unique and the law of attraction is working just perfectly within our lives.

It is not a matter of changing who we are, because we don’t need to change who we are.  It is a matter of changing what we believe about who or where or what we are.


Where does this mistruth stem from?


If the idea that we attract what we are is so inaccurate, why is it so widespread?  Basically, because of a lack of understanding of what the law of attraction really is.

Ready for this?  The law of attraction is not a real universal law.

Shocking, right?  It is, in all actuality, a combination of two true, immutable, universal laws: the law of mentalism and the law of vibration.

When we lose sight of this fact, we are no longer working with the real laws of the universe.  Rather we are making up a law and wondering why it isn’t working consistently.

Here’s an example to clarify:

Let’s say, through our understanding of the law of gravity and the law of cause and effect, we fabricated a law and called it the Law of Pushing.  We used this law to explain how pushing a ball off the edge of a counter made it fall it 100% of the time.

Over time, the law of pushing spread and ultimately became widely known as a true universal law.  People began teaching that if you push a ball it will fall every time.  So then, people start pushing balls around.  They’re kicking them and swatting at them with the belief that the ball will fall as the law of pushing is supposedly infallible.

But they don’t realize that they can’t just push the ball, they have to push the ball off of something.  Because they are missing a very necessary component, the law of pushing doesn’t work consistently and they begin to question if it’s a real law at all.

This is what has happened with the law of attraction.  It is a made up law not based in any science or fact.  Because of this, anyone can make up anything and call it the law of attraction through their own personal understanding and experience.  But the issue is that this is not the way laws work, so it will not work 100% of the time.

The law of mentalism and the law of vibration, however, are infallible.  They work all the time, every time, always and forever.  And together, they state that you attract what you believe.


How can we correct this?


Let’s say the law of attraction hasn’t consistently been working for you or, worse, it has made you feel horrible about yourself and your life.  You have been trying everything the experts say, from being positive all the time, visualizing like a mad man, throwing together dream boards, and reciting mantras until you are blue in the face to perpetually trying to fix yourself, assuming you are broken.  Still, nothing.

If the hypothetical law of pushing was not working, the only way to understand why is to learn the true laws it was based upon: the law of gravity and the law of cause and effect.

The same goes for the law of attraction.  In order to make it truly work for you, you must learn and understand the two true laws it is based upon: the law of mentalism and the law of vibration.  In my attempt to help others get to the bottom of this and stop perpetuating the damaging and inaccurate beliefs around the law of attraction, I wrote the book, Behind the Law of Attraction which covers these two laws and more.

Check it out, then come back and reread this article.  Remember, you do not attract what you are, you attract what you believe.


Behind the LOA

Discover everything you need to know about the laws Behind the Law of Attraction.