According to ancient Ayurvedic medicine, there are three doshas which govern the human body: vata dosha, kapha dosha, and pitta dosha.  Every individual has each of these three doshas within them, but we all have a dominant dosha that defines our physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual makeup.

Through balancing this dominant dosha, we are able to feel physically, mentally, and spiritually at our peak.  When this dosha is not balanced, we feel the negative affects.

The pitta dosha is a fire element, often exhibiting strength and assertiveness. The pitta predominant type is focused and orderly, has a strong, sharp mind, and exudes confidence. They tend to have medium, muscular builds, fair skin, and reddish hair or freckles.  Their diet is hearty, and they can become angry or irritable when they feel hungry. A pitta is easily sun burnt and may have frequent rashes.

Overall, pitta doshas do best when balancing themselves with cool, soothing environments. The same is true for essential oils.  Reaching for oils that have cool, cleansing effects and using them in conjunction with lightweight, non-greasy carrier oils as well as witch hazel, will offer the perfect balance, soothing the skin and cooling the body.

The following essential oils are perfect for most pitta doshas:


Lime essential oil, unlike it’s more potent citrusy counterpart, lemon, is a calm, soothing astringent.  It cools without drying and reduces overall body temperature.  It is important to note that lime can be photosensitive, causing severe skin burns if exposed to the sun.  This is exaggerated in pitta dosha types.  Only use lime topically when you will not be exposed to direct sunlight for several hours.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang with its rich floral scent offers soothing, grounding benefits when used in aromatherapy.  It is thought to lower blood pressure and induces relaxation.  Ylang ylang blends wonderfully with lime, making this a great pair for the pitta dosha.


This essential oil offers cleansing for the whole body.  When used sparingly, it can increase healthy digestion, lessening discomfort frequently caused by the robust appetite of the pitta dosha.  It also is thought to reduce feelings of restlessness for those moments when the pitta dosha feels worked up.


Vanilla is an incredibly diverse oil.  Known for its familiar smell and flavor, vanilla is a calming, cooling aroma.  Much like ylang ylang, it is thought to lower blood pressure and balance one’s mood.  It reduces inflammation and high body temperatures.  With very little known negative effects, vanilla is great for daily use in aromatherapy, topical use and dietary use.


Sandalwood essential oil is at the top of the list for skin relief.  The pitta dosha frequently experiences sun burns or dry skin caused by sensitivities.  Sandalwood, when mixed with cooling oils like sunflower or coconut, offers relief from sun burns.  It’s aroma brings with it calming effects as well as mental focusing when emotions overwhelm.

Each of these oils can be used in blends for spritzing or rolling onto the wrists throughout the day, as well as aromatherapy in a diffuser.  By using these essential oils in daily life, combined with a low spice diet void of processed foods, the pitta dosha is sure to see a great deal of balance in their mind, body, and spirit.




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