Enhance Your Intuition & Tap Into Your Clairvoyant Abilities


The third eye is a chakra located on the center of the brow.  When this chakra is wide open, balanced, and functioning at the highest vibration possible, you will be able to access your intuition on a deeper level than ever before.

The third eye is the center that allows us to tap into our clairvoyant insights, seeing life with a spiritual eye.

All of our senses and chakras are translating energy around us and the third eye translates higher vibrational energy into something we can actually see.  This gift of clairvoyance is available to everyone; it is simply a matter of learning how to open and balance your third eye chakra.


Align Your Chakras

The chakras work together as energy wheels.  If one chakra is imbalanced or blocked then it spreads to the others and affects your overall health and ability to function at the highest vibe possible.  In order to practice using your third eye, all of your chakras need to be aligned and working in perfect health.

This should be a part of your daily routine, like exercising and eating right, as our chakras need continuous fine-tuning.  If you are just starting out with chakra cleansing, it is helpful to begin with your root chakra and work your way up.

It is important to note that our chakra health goes all the way back to our birth and possibly even before.  Chakra work can take months and even years to balance and cleanse.  Start out slowly and be patient with yourself.  There is no rush to full chakra health.

You can snag my Root Chakra cleansing intensive (and free accompanying meditation) to get you started as well as my Daily Chakra Cleansing program to start incorporating chakra health into your everyday life.



Meditation is an absolute priority to begin opening and using your third eye chakra.  While meditation may call to mind sitting in a lotus position and staring at a wall, it does not always need to look this way.

The point to meditation is to reach the “alpha” state of your brain.  This is the state where your mind is working at optimum level.  You can reach this state in many ways, including showering, walking in nature, and even driving familiar, stress-free roads.  The key is to find what works for you to enter a deep meditative state and do it daily.

You are not likely to see immediate benefits from meditation.  In some cases it can take weeks or months to reap the rewards, especially if your chakras have been blocked for some time.  Keep at it, though, as this is the best way to open your third eye.


Mudra Chakras

Mudra chakras are hand movements designed to trigger small energy centers and channels throughout the body.  Think of it as yoga for the hands.

The mudra chakra position to tap into the third eye is called the Kalesvara Mudra.  To do this position, put the first and second knuckles of each finger together. Reach your thumbs down and press the pads together forming a heart with your two hands. Straighten your middle fingers and touch the tips together, pointing away from your body. Hold this position for several minutes.

While you can do this anywhere to reap the benefits, it is best when used in conjunction with meditation in order to access your alpha brain.  Add in the third eye mantra, “ohm,” to trigger the energy centers in your mouth and really focus your attention on your third eye location.


Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used since the beginning of time to access our higher knowing.  The energy brought forth by nature in such a concentrated form offers benefits beyond what we are capable of reaching on our own.

The third eye chakra vibrates at one of the highest frequencies of all the chakras (second only to our crown).  Using aromatherapy and topical use of the highest vibrational essential oils allows us to elevate our energy centers to higher vibrations and access a greater sense of knowing.  Simply put, essential oils allow you to function at a higher spiritual level.

Some of the highest frequency oils are lavender, frankincense, helichrysum, and rose.  Using these oils in a diffuser or applying topically directly to the location of the third eye can increase your vibration while meditating and reaching your alpha brain.  This combination will bring about an alignment greater than meditation on its own.


Practice Seeing Auras

As you slowly bring your third eye into alignment, just like a muscle, it will work best if you begin using it often.  The third eye allows us to deeply see energy fields around us, most notably auras.   By practicing seeing auras while continuing to perform the above steps daily, you will have a guide showing you your progress.

When you start out, you may struggle to see anything at all, but over time, you will watch as the forms take shape around people and things and then slowly you will begin to see colors.  As your third eye continues to open, you will visibly be able to witness your progress.


Opening your third eye is easy, but it is not quick.  If you are looking for a fast track, then odds are you will not achieve your goals.  Follow these steps daily and be patient.  It will happen when you least expect it.