There is no shortage of physical tools available to us to help tap into our intuition, dig deep into our emotions, and get clear on our energy.  Often times, empaths get stuck inside of our own heads, trying to figure everything out and feeling bogged down by the mental effort it takes to bring ourselves any sort of clarity.

Instead of going it alone, it helps to use tools that can better show us where we are right now and how to get where we want to be.

Tarot cards are a great way to get right to the heart of the matter.  Whether you believe they work through accessing our intuition, using the natural law of vibration and synchronicity, or that our fairies or spirit guides help nudge the right cards to the top of the deck, tarot cards offer a variety of benefits to get us focused on our current energetic state.

Whether you are a tarot pro or are just getting started learning how to use the cards, the following empath spread is incredibly easy to implement.  Using only six cards, this spread also works well with your favorite oracle cards.


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1. Your current state

This is where your energy currently stands.  This card may point to how you are feeling, what is going on in your life right now, or something in the current moment of which you need to be made aware.


2. Who or what is affecting you

This card points to a person or event that is affecting your current state or energy.  It may be something outside of yourself or it may be something you are thinking about or focusing on.


3. How can you clear this energy

Whether the energy that is affecting you is external or internal, this card will give you guidance on how to clear yourself of this energy.


4. How to protect yourself

This card will give you guidance on how to best protect yourself from the current or future energies which are throwing you off kilter.


5. What to do to ground yourself

Similar to protection, this card will give you guidance on how to ground yourself in order to come back to a central space and back to the heart of who you are.


6. How can you raise your vibration

This card gives you advice on how to raise your personal energy vibration in order to emit positive energies and become a magnet for more good energies to come into your life.







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This spread is great to use every day, whether to start your day on the right track or to cleanse yourself at the end of the day. You may find it beneficial to keep a journal of your spread results to look back on and see if there are running themes in your life to offer greater personal insight.

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