We are all intuitive beings at our core but most of us have not practiced tuning into it on a regular basis.  The information that becomes available to us when we are able to learn how to listen, feel, sense, and just know is transformational.

Just like any other skill in life, using tools to help practice how to use our intuitive nature makes it easier to study and learn.  Intuition comes to us through a variety of senses, including touch, sound, vision, taste, smell, emotions, and thought.  Using these tools on a regular basis forces you to focus on your intuition, isolating the best way you receive insight, and strengthening your ability to tap into it.


Tarot Cards


Tarot cards carry with them a lot of misconceptions, the biggest being that the cards themselves have powers.  This is not even remotely true.  The cards are paper stock, no different from a deck of playing cards (in fact, you can use playing cards to read tarot, too).

Each card is filled with images which may look a little frightening at first (especially the Death card, Devil card, and Tower card) if you are unfamiliar with their meanings.  This artwork was not designed to be frightening, but to trigger your subconscious mind and access the collective unconscious using images.  It is the same practice as seeing a red octagon and knowing instantly that it means stop or dreaming about your teeth falling out and learning that it means anxiety or worrying about what others think of you.  This is your unconscious mind pulling from lifetimes of information in an instant.

Your unconscious mind connects deeply and directly with your intuition.  So the more you activate that piece of your mind, the easier it becomes to access it readily, thus allowing your intuition to come through more often.

Learning tarot cards is incredibly simple.  In fact, you do not even need to buy a deck to reap the benefits.  There are a large number of apps (I recommend Galaxy Tarot) available to teach you how to read the cards and allow you to focus deeper on your intuitive self.  If the images still bother you, look for cards with more uplifting art (I like these and these).


Mala Beads or Rosary


Mala beads and rosaries are strings of beads laid out in a pattern to work in conjunction with repetitive prayers and affirmations.  To use each one, you decide on a prayer or mantra you wish to repeat as you go through the beads.  This can be the same for all of the beads, or change up for each section or decade of beads.

Both mala beads and rosaries do not require any set religious or spiritual belief system to use.  While rosaries stem from the Catholic church, one does not need to be a Catholic to benefit from their use. Through moving your fingers along the beads, holding one for each prayer or mantra, it gives you a superficial movement to focus upon allowing your mind to remain fully present while you enter a meditative, or alpha brain, state.

Alpha brain is the state our mind enters when we feel calm and deeply relaxed.  In this state, it is scientifically shown that we are able to use more of our brains in ways still yet to be understood.  You often slip into this state when driving, taking a shower, going for a brisk walk, or just before falling asleep.  Each is an action which requires focus on the present without taking a large amount of active brain power or worry which triggers our beta brain.

Using mala beads or the rosary daily allows you a few moments each day in which you can purposefully enter your alpha brain and increase your ability to access deeper parts of your mind, bringing greater intuitive clarity.


Essential Oils


Essential oils carry with them properties that alter our physical state in healthy (and legal) ways.  Often used in meditation, exercise, prayers, shamanic journeying, healing sessions, and more, essential oils enhance our intuitive access by literally altering our brain chemistry.  Make sure the oils you select are the of the purest quality or else they will not offer the benefits you are seeking and may even be harmful.

Oils like frankincense, geranium, and lavender when used in aromatherapy balance the endocrine system, promoting stress relief and allowing the brain to function at higher levels.*  This mental clarity allows for greater intuitive insight by activating the introspective piece of our brains.

Essential oils also work for balancing our chakra system, opening our crown chakra, and bringing physical stability in order to enhance our extrasensory access.  When used in conjunction with meditation, mala beads, journaling, and tarot reading, you will find that you are able to enter a deeper state of relaxation and mental focus, heightening your intuitive awareness.


Paper and Pen


As simple as it seems, paper and pen are one of the easiest methods to tap into your intuition.  A lot like mala beads and rosaries, studies in the field of haptics (the field of research which studies the affects of touch and hand movements on brain functions) are showing that writing activates several parts of the brain and forces your mind to be intensely focused on the present moment, increasing cognitive functioning in ways we have hardly begun to understand.

By writing daily, we enhance our ability to channel through paper and pen.  Beginning by writing stream of consciousness thoughts or even repeatedly writing the alphabet or nonsensical words, you trigger your intuition to take over and thoughts begin to sweep freely into your mind.

Practicing this meditative technique daily can yield phenomenal results in intuitive access.  You may find as you read back through what you have written, you will be fascinated to discover what you have actually put on paper.  You may not remember having written certain pieces and even might stumble across information in your own handwriting that you never even knew.


Honing your intuition takes practice. Using these tools while remaining in the present and observing your thoughts, feelings, and sensations, will help you recognize when you are accessing intuitive knowing versus simply going about your day.  Pick one or two to implement into your daily practice and over the course of a couple of weeks, you are certain to see improvements in your intuitive abilities.