I have been thinking quite a bit lately about extrasensory gifts and intuition.  Ten years ago, had you told me I was intuitive or empathic, the very notion would have frightened me.  While I have always been aware that I perceive life differently, I never would have dreamed of calling myself by any such terms.

I envisioned intuitives, psychics, and mediums as people who crept around at night in dark capes, wielding crystal balls and speaking with the devil.  (Obviously, I had fallen prey to the inaccuracies portrayed in films and television.)  I never would have dreamed that intuitives were hanging out at McDonald’s, pushing their kids on the park swings, and heading to work and class like everyone else.

It took me a while to claim these labels for myself because I didn’t think I fit the mold.  Yeah, I use tarot cards, incense, and oils, but I also spend the evening binge watching The Office.

Perhaps you feel the same way.  Maybe you are tiptoeing around your gifts and abilities because you worry that you don’t fit the bill.  If so, I’d like to offer you 3 things that I wish someone would have told me earlier about being intuitive:


1. It takes practice. 


Intuitives, empaths, and mediums may be born, but the ability to use these gifts is not something that comes naturally for most.  You may experience clairsentience, clairvoyance, and more on a regular basis, but recognizing what it is, harnessing it, and strengthening it are all things that take a lifetime of developing.  Tapping into your intuition or hearing your spirit guides is a skill that takes incredible practice.

And that is perfectly okay.  It doesn’t make you any less of an intuitive if you are seeking a teacher, reading articles, playing with new tools, or still having a hard time reading people.


2. Tools do not hold magic, they merely enhance your abilities.


To say that tarot cards give the reading is to say that a piano composes the music.  For a while, I was scared to touch intuitive tools like cards, incense, mala beads, crystals, or anything of the type.  But the reality is that they are just objects and these objects are designed to help you focus your own gifts.  They give you guidance as you learn how to better meditate, give readings, tap into your spirit guides, give healings, and more.

Just as many talents and skills require tools to perform, so too can empaths and intuitives use tools to strengthen their practice.


3. You are no better than anyone else.


This sounds a little harsh, but it is not meant to be.  In my work, I have seen so many empaths, intuitives, and mediums hold themselves back from expressing their gifts for fear that others will think they are trying to “show off” or “feel special.”  Empaths and intuitives are no more special than anyone else.  We just have different abilities.  My ability to give someone a reading is no more special than my husband’s ability to do their taxes.

Just as I could study and learn taxes, others can study and learn intuitive practices.  Everyone has the ability, it just comes more easily to some.  You are no better than anyone and you are certainly no worse.  Own your gifts like an artist owns painting and an architect owns math.


So if you are concerned with giving yourself the label of intuitive, medium, empath, or psychic, pause and reflect on why.  Are you worried you aren’t good enough?  Do you think you are just trying to be special?  Are you afraid that you aren’t the “right kind” of intuitive?  The reality is that there is no right kind.  You have gifts and abilities waiting in the wings for you to recognize and practice.  You just have to let yourself see it.