According to Ayurvedic medicine, there are three doshas which govern the human body: vata dosha, kapha dosha, and pitta dosha.  Every individual has each of these three doshas within them, but we all have a dominant dosha that defines our physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual makeup.

The vata dosha is an air element, often exhibiting light, dry, and feathery characteristics. The vata predominant type is usually creative, quick to grasp new concepts, and loves to stay mentally active. They tend to have thinner builds, have small hands and feet, and are tall, thin, or lanky. Vatas are best known for their dry skin, dry hair, and dry eyes.

Overall, vata doshas do best when balancing themselves with warm and moist atmospheres and foods.  The same goes for essential oils.  Reaching for oils that have a warm, spicy aroma and using them in conjunction with rich carrier oils, like sesame oil, shea butter, or olive oil, will offer the perfect balance to soothe dryness and bring balance to the body.

The following essential oils are perfect for most vata doshas:



Clove essential oil, often used for its anti-inflammatory properties, is a perfect oil for vata doshas to relax and improve overall movement.  The vata dosha governs movement within the body and so clove allows for enhanced, positive motion, while offering a grounding, softening aroma.



Cinnamon essential oil offers a warming and soothing scent, stimulating positive feeling emotions associated with warm, moist foods like apple pie or cider.  It also boosts brain activity, encouraging sharper focus and attention, an area in which many vata doshas struggle.


Roman Chamomile

Roman chamomile essential oil can soothe anxiety and tension within the body, common issues for the vata dosha.  It also offers a soothing effect and combats insomnia.



Geranium essential oil when applied topically improves the circulation just beneath the skin, allowing the ever dry and cracked skin of a vata dosha body type to heal and soothe.  Also, similar to Roman Chamomile, Geranium relaxes the mind and body, bringing about balance.



Similar to cinnamon, Sandalwood promotes mental clarity and focus.  Perfect for aromatherapy, sandalwood can bring a peace to the home, encouraging healthier and more consistent routines.
Using these oils in a diffuser allows for effortless aromatherapy that aids in slowing down, self-soothing, and relaxation, areas in which the vata dosha needs a little more assistance.  By using these essential oils in daily life, combined with a diet of well-cooked, easily digestible foods, and low impact exercises, the vata dosha is sure to see a great deal of balance in their mind, body, and spirit.

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