Everything about our being is frequency, including the chakras.  Each chakra’s color is not randomly selected, but rather reflects the frequency at which the chakra operates.  By surrounding ourselves with the color of a specific chakra, we are stimulating the energy of that particular wheel through the frequency of color.

And what is color?  Color is simply visible light.

Think of a light reflecting through a prism.  It breaks the white light into the visible spectrum of color.  The light does not instantly become different colors or frequencies, but rather always held every frequency within the original light source.

For this reason, there is no greater source of stimulating frequency for our chakras than the sun itself.  The light reaching our bodies simultaneously stimulates each chakra offering the purest form of balance known.

Standing outside in the direct rays of the sunlight for ten minutes a day will offer greater benefits than any individual activity.  To enhance this on a conscious level, use the following visualization technique:


As you stand directly in the rays of the sun, visualize a prism floating before you.  See the light of the sun, pure and white, coming down in a direct single ray. 

Now visualize the ray hitting the prism.  The colors instantly explode in separate waves, pulsing with life-giving energy.  Each ray flows towards you. 

Watch as they reach your individual chakras.  As the waves of color touch your chakras, feel the warmth fill the wheel center expanding out through your whole body. 

Root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.  No chakra is missed.  Each feels the heat of the rays beaming through the prism.

Sit for a few moments longer, feeling the warmth, envisioning the all-encompassing light opening your chakra centers and bringing harmony to your entire being: mind, body and spirit.


We all know of the sun’s life giving properties.  Through stepping outside every day and visualizing the frequency of its rays balancing our chakra system we can reap the fullest benefits of the power of its energy.


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