Each one of us has spirit guides.  This is a team of spirits that are with us 24/7, assisting us whenever necessary, guiding us gently down our path, and offering continuous insight available to us anytime we seek it.

Most of our guides are with us for the duration of our lives.  Occasionally we will have one or two pop in for big moments, transitional phases, or times when we need their specific guidance, but we can always count on our lifetime guides to be there when we need them.

While it may seem as though these guides are distant and impossible to connect with, the opposite is actually true.  They want to connect with you.  Not in a “I hope they notice me someday” sort of way, but in a “hey! I’m right here! I’m calling you!” sort of way.

Throughout the day, they are sending you hundreds of messages hoping you notice.  The best part is that they are not going to abandon you if you don’t notice.  They’re with you unconditionally.

But wouldn’t life be so much easier if we knew how to connect with them and could tune into every message they kick our way?  Or even better, if we could ask them direct questions and have them give us the exact information we seek in the moment we are seeking it?  It is completely possible and, in fact, it is easier than you think.

To help you out, I’ve put together a three step process that’s so simple you can do it while you’re eating your breakfast in the morning.  Not a breakfast lover?  Don’t worry, it works for lunch and dinner too.


Invite them over


You don’t even have to call them on thephone.  They are already calling you every minute of the day.  So while you are sitting for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, while they are ringing you, answer and ask them if they will join you.  A thought as simple as, “would you sit next to me while I eat?” or “I have some questions and wonder if you’d join me for breakfast?” will suffice.

If you want to take it a step further, visualize pulling out a chair for them or leaving a space open on the couch.  You could go so far as to pour them a cup of coffee or tea, but only if you don’t feel uncomfortable or a little kooky in doing so.

The gesture doesn’t have to be grand.  You don’t have to apologize for waiting so long to ask.  The purpose here is to acknowledge that they are there and let them know that you are ready to listen.


Ask them for something specific


Getting to know how your spirit guides communicate takes practice, but you can assist by letting them know how you prefer to communicate.  They want you to hear and understand them, so go ahead and let them know what you are ready to see.  You don’t want to start out with something over the top that may leave you fearful or in disbelief.  But rather think of a sign that is just believable enough to allow in and just strange enough to not call a coincidence.

While you are eating your breakfast and mentally chatting with your spirit guides, ask them to show you something specific during the day.  Many like to begin with a certain animal, like a red cardinal, a starfish, or something a little out of the ordinary.  Some like to ask for feathers, number sequences, or an amazing parking spot.  Anything that isn’t common day occurrence.

It’s okay if you are using this as a test to see if they are really there.  They understand that it can be difficult for us to grasp the ease of communicating with them and they welcome your tests.  They won’t feel slighted for your disbelief and they will also understand when you explain it away as a coincidence (which we all inevitably do once in a while).  So after you get the first sign you ask for, go ahead and do it again.  After the third or fourth time, it gets much more difficult to explain away.


Request to meet them


After a few days of inviting them for breakfast and asking for signs that they are with you throughout the day, you will begin to feel more comfortable about their presence in your life.  Once you reach this point, it is time to ask to meet them.  Set the date and time as you would with an old friend.  Make sure you are able to be fully present and preferably alone for your meeting.

When the time you have set comes, sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and try this meditation.


An Easy Meditation

Focus on your breath for a few moments and allow your mind to clear.  Visualize yourself seated in an empty white room.  You are completely alone in this room, staring forward at a blank wall before you. 

Hear behind you as a door opens slowly.  You feel safe and expectant of this arrival, like seeing a friend you haven’t seen since youth.  Feel the excitement and anticipation of wondering what they look like having not seen them for so long. 

You can sense that they are approaching you and now feel their presence right behind you, on your left side.  Slowly turn your head. 

What do you see?

This meditation doesn’t need to take very long, only a few moments, but you may need to do it a few times over the course of several days before you see the whole of your spirit guide.  We each carry a lot of resistance towards meeting our spiritual team so overtime, we can slowly break down the resistance and allow them in.

If you are struggling to see your guide, try these few tips:


  • Let go of expectations.  Your guides may appear as people, angels, animals, or any host of entities. There may be one or a dozen. Releasing expectations of what you will see as you meditate opens you up to seeing them as they want you to see them, which will be the easiest way for you to receive.
  • Ask for their name.  You can ask what their name is and then be open to how they deliver it.  You may keep hearing a name come up in songs, talks, books, or advertisements.  If it feels right, then it is.
  • Open up your dreams. When you are sleeping, you are in a state of less resistance, making you more open to meeting your guides.  Ask them to pop into your dreams.  Keep a dream journal to help you remember them.


Remember that your spirit guides are here for you and prior to coming into this life, you knew them intimately.  They love you unconditionally and are willing to be eternally patient while you learn how to connect with them.  Offer yourself this same patience while you go through the steps above.  Before you know it, you will be calling them to breakfast anytime you wish.