Thanks to television, film, and psychic hotlines, the terms psychic and mediumship have taken on some pretty outlandish images.  Thoughts of crystal balls, thrashing about while channeling spirits, and spotting dead guys everywhere have clouded what being a psychic really means.

But just like women don’t have babies ten minutes after their water breaks, so too are those onscreen representations of psychics not to be trusted.

The reality is that most people are far more psychic than they realize.

Our natural state is one of receiving: receiving messages, thoughts, feelings, energy, intuition, and insights.  In fact, the reason most people are unable to receive these things is because they are actively blocking them. But just like all action, blocking gets tiring and we let our guard down.  It is in those moments that we accidentally receive psychic insights and don’t even notice it.



Have you ever had an “aha!” moment where suddenly a thought popped into your head clearer than you ever could have imagined?

That is the result of receiving a psychic block of thought, also referred to as clairaudience.

Clairaudience is not hearing some strange voice whispering in your ear or a loud voice booming from the heavens.  Instead, clairaudient insights are often heard inside of your head and come disguised in your own voice.



Can you recall a time when you walked into a room and felt uneasy only to discover that those before you were having a heated argument?

This is the result of receiving a psychic insight through feeling, or clairsentience.

Clairsentience does not always mean that you feel a spirit hand touching your face or that you instantly know someone’s entire life story because you felt an emotion.  Rather, receiving clairsentient insight may come through picking up an external feeling or the energy in a room.  Even having a “bad feeling about this” can be the result of a clairsentient knowing.



Did you ever have a sense of knowing something about a person or a situation with no clue as to how you knew?

This out-of-nowhere knowing is the reception of intuition, or claircognizance.

Perhaps the most common psychic ability, though hardly recognized, claircognizance is the ability to “just know” things.  It is a receiving from Spirit, collective unconscious, or whatever you wish to call the pot of all-knowing that is ever flowing and ever available.



Was there ever a time in your life when an image popped into your mind out of nowhere?  Perhaps a face of someone familiar, a room you’ve never been in, an object that felt familiar or unfamiliar?

We have all had moments where something pops into our minds’ eye from seemingly nowhere.  This is the receiving of a psychic image, or the most popular known psychic gift, clairvoyance.

“I see dead people” is far from the norm for clairvoyant experiences.  Rather, catching glimmers of light out of the side of your eye, experiencing vivid and colorful dreams, and seeing things in your mind are all signs of clairvoyant experiences.


Through practice, it is possible to hone in on each of these psychic abilities and grow them to film-sized grandeur.  But most do not need to get to this point in order to understand and use their gifts.  We are constantly receiving knowing from the Universe and the Divine, and every so often we let our guard down and allow it in.

If you wish to dig deeper into your psychic gifts, all it takes is learning how to lessen your resistance.  The first step to that is accepting that psychic gifts are normal and common and that you do, in fact, have them even if you’ve never quite taken the credit.



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