Full disclosure: I purchased Sivana products at full price and opted to give this review based on my personal, genuine opinion. While I have not received anything in return for this review, I do earn a small affiliate commission from any products purchased from the links on this website.

A little over a year ago, I had the pleasure of seeing an advertisement in my Facebook news feed that could not have been a better fit. It was the simplest concept and yet masterfully executed and it thrilled me to see it.  The advertisement was for a racerback tank top with the symbols of the seven chakras running delicately down the back, from Sivana Spirit.

I have seen chakra shirts quite often and even offer one myself, but the energy and style of this shirt really called to me.

Over time, it continued to pop up and eventually I found myself on Sivana’s website.  What began as a love for a shirt turned into reading about the lifesaving efforts of a phenomenal cause.  Not only did the company offer a unique style that fit me to a tee, I also loved their vision and really wanted to be a part of it.

Since then, I have become a lifelong customer to Sivana and enjoy spreading the word about the quality of their clothing and their passionate mission.


The Shirt

While Sivana offers a wide variety of products, I cannot promote their tees enough.  Each one is incredibly soft and flows beautifully offering a flattering and, above all, comfortable fit.  The colors are rich and the styles are unique.

Browse their collection and fall in love for yourself.


The Cause

With every purchase, Sivana is able to provide Fair Trade Jobs around the world as well as help provide Life Saving Vital Nutrient Programs for children in India.  With a focus on Vitamin A Deficiency Disorder, a disorder that causes anemia, blindness, and even death among children, Sivana provides children and nursing mothers with supplements that protect them from this disease.

The Spirit

Sivana, meaning “oasis of enlightenment,” offers products to enhance spiritual awakening, writing to encourage personal growth, and gives back on a global level.  They support those who spread their message and rightly so, as their products speak for themselves.

Head over and browse their selection of women’s and men’s clothing, yoga gear, chakra jewelry, mala beads, and so much more.  Be careful though.  Once you purchase one item, you may find yourself addicted for life!






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