Understanding Angelic Messages


For the longest time, I didn’t get the whole angel thing.  And fairies?  Yeah, right.

I was in many spiritual groups and circles and heard about angels and fairies almost daily.  I would roll my eyes and move right along figuring it’s cool for them, but it’s just not my thing.

I considered myself a spiritual person, but not at the expense of logic and basic science.

But as I continued on in my journey, digging deeper into psychology and learning about alternative scientific theories not readily discussed, I started noticing some trends.

Carl Jung’s Progressive Findings


Anyone who knows me knows that I am an avid Carl Jung enthusiast.  I have read several of his works and I am always left pondering the unspoken.  He directs a great deal to the collective unconscious, particularly in his discussions on intuition.  His initial writings merely pointed to a collective subconscious knowing of past events which called us to behave or think in certain ways, offering predetermined actions and reactions to the world around us.

However, as Jung advanced in his studies, delving into astrology, spiritually, and intuition, his writings on the collective unconscious deepened and the meaning of it expanded.  He began experiencing dreams about the whole of humanity causing him to wonder if he was losing touch with reality.  It wasn’t until later that he realized the connection between himself and, what he referred to as, “the second psychic system.”

Due to a series of paranormal events throughout Jung’s lifetime, some which even had him fearing that he was experiencing psychosis, Jung continued seeking and delving into the human mind. He later coined the term synchronicity to explain events in his life enhancing his belief in the collective unconscious and opening his eyes to the unus mundus (or “one world”).

He even went so far as to draw parallels between synchronistic events and quantum mechanics, discussing ideas with minds such as Albert Einstein and Wolfgang Pauli.  Ultimately, Jung believed that synchronicity was a connection between the inner psychic knowing and the external world, offering a bridge between psyche and matter, believing that through using the mind, we can manifest a physical equivalent of our needs from the collective unconscious.

As the angel has been represented throughout history, Jung offered this archetype frequently as a means for the collective unconscious to come to us with messages and information in order to not only improve ourselves but the whole of the world around us.

Through this awareness, I slowly began to realize that, not only are angels continuously working in our lives, but they represent the whole of human knowing, offering us intuitive information any moment we request it, if only we can recognize their manifestations in our life and embrace our own ability to tap into this knowing.


How Angels Communicate


Angels, from the source of collective intelligence, are working in your life every single day.  But just as our individual psyches differ, so too do angels manifest in different ways.  Using our senses to translate the physical world around us, we manifest all that we need through means which we can physically interpret, including:

  • Unexplainable, vivid dream states
  • Synchronicities in numbers (111, 222, 333, etc.), animals, and events
  • Hearing sounds or ringing in the ears
  • Seeing visions, including the angel archetype
  • Finding archetypal items, such as feathers, coins, flowers, or rainbows
  • Feeling physical sensations, like tingling, temperature changes, or a soft touch
  • Experiencing waves of emotions even when no one was around


These are just a handful of things most experience often and cannot express or explain.  As an empath, discovering my abilities was eye-opening, but taking it further and recognizing that I am not alone on this journey explained things beyond what psychology and sociology was teaching me.  It brought together science and psychology to explain and even enhance the spiritual experiences within my life.

The reality is that we are spiritual beings in physical bodies and we are not alone on our journey.  There is an entire collective consciousness with as at all times.  As empaths, we have sensitivities that allow us to connect with this consciousness, and angels offer a bridge between psyche and physical reality when we recognize not only their existence, but also how they communicate with us.