Everything is energy and all of our energy is connected through a never ending stream of channels, waves, and cords.  There are varying frequencies of energy which we interpret through different senses.  Color is energy waves interpreted through our sense of sight.  Emotions are energy waves interpreted through clairsentience, or sense of feeling.  Even bodies and physical objects are energy interpreted through sight, smell, and touch.

Each one of us offers our own unique waves of energy which are interpreted by ourselves and those around us.  While our bodies, voices, smells, and even emotions, are easily processed due to a lifetime of practicing these interpretations, some energy which is not practiced but still experienced may be more difficult to pinpoint.

Energetic cords are a type of connected energy.  These cords represent our spiritual energy, housing emotions, conscious and subconscious thoughts, and our individual experiences with those around us.  They are the way in which we remain connected to other spiritual bodies through everyday experience.

These cords can connect us to people, places, and things, as everything houses a spiritual energy.  Due to the fact that we are all constantly flowing energy waves and particles, our energetic energy flows outward towards others through cords and the energy of others flows towards us in the same manner.

Essentially, this means that your thoughts, energy, and emotions can create a cord connection with another, but another’s thoughts, energy, and emotions can also attach a cord to you.

This is the reason you may suddenly think of someone you haven’t thought of in quite some time.  Or experience an emotion at the same time as distant loved one.  Sometimes these cords can affect your vibration, holding you back from moving forward in your life like a boat tethered to shore.

It can be impossible to pinpoint the number of cords attaching and detaching from you in any given day because energy is always flowing and we are always connected at varying levels to those around us.  The cords that matter the most are those which are consistent and practiced, or emotionally and energetically charged.


Mindful Cord Selection


There are a variety of meditations or techniques which are practiced in order to cleanse yourself of energetic cords which are no longer serving you.  These include visualizing a burning jump rope that slices off all the cords attached to your body or using a hula hoop running up and down your body in order to cause energetic separation.

While there is a time and a place to use these blanket techniques, energetic cord cutting is not something to be taken hastily.  We were created to be connected to one another and sometimes cutting a cord quickly or prematurely can do more harm than good.

So how do you know which cords to cut and which cords to keep?  Through mindful cord selection.  This is the act of meditating on the variety of cords flowing to you and through you.


Emotional Awareness Cord Meditation


Sit or lay down in a comfortable position and close your eyes.  Visualize yourself floating in empty space with nothing to be seen anywhere in the distance.  It’s just you and the air.

Now start to think of people in your life, beginning with strangers you saw through the day like a cashier at the store or a passerby outside.  As you think of them, notice the cords coming from your body.  See their threadlike structure, appearing thin and weak.  Effortlessly reach out and swipe them away, breaking the connection like a spiderweb.  It feels easy and light.

Now begin to think of acquaintances and those you feel mildly connected to.  See their cords as being a little thicker, more like yarn, coming to you and from you.  Pick up a light pair of scissors and cut those cords.  Notice how you feel as you cut each one.  Does it feel light?  Or do you feel a tinge of emotion in your solar plexus or heart chakra?  Simply be mindful of these emotions as you cut each cord.

Continue on, thinking of more people in your life.  Loved ones, parents, ex-friends, current friends, co-workers.  See the cords flowing from your body.  Notice that those who have been in your life the longest have thicker cords.  Your loved ones create cords flowing like pipes filled with bright energy.  Allow your mind to fill in the sizes of the cords as you visualize each person.

Listen to your emotions as you clip each cord.  Continue clipping those that feel easy.  With each cut, pay attention to how you feel, physically and emotionally.  Consider clipping a thick cord, attached to someone you don’t want to lose.  Feel that twinge in your stomach, in your chest.  Feel the affect on your body as you bring the scissors closer to that cord.  Don’t cut it, just notice the feeling as you consider it.

While you go through each cord, cutting those that feel easy and feeling the dis-ease within yourself as you consider the heavier ones, don’t worry too much about decision making, but rather remain mindful of how each cord makes you feel.  These emotions point to the weight of each cord and the depth to which you are connected.


Take Care of Yourself


Regardless of whether the cord is helpful or hurtful, cutting cords which cause you dis-ease result in a traumatic energetic experience.  One that requires more than a simple meditation to work through.

After this meditation, with this newfound knowledge of the energy which connects you to those in your life, you can take the strides necessary to heal those you need to cut out as you slowly work through that cord.  Allow yourself grief and time, and treat yourself as you would if you had physically cut yourself and needed to heal.

Cord cutting on the surface seems like a simple process to cleanse your energetic self, but hastily slashing through deep cords can leave lifelong wounds if not properly cared for.  Energetic cords are not a bad thing, so take the time to nurture those you wish to keep strong and heal those that once were a large channel to you.

If you find yourself having a difficult time with energy cords, it is helpful to seek the assistance of a trained professional or healer.  In many cases, working with a therapist can assist in shrinking the size of the cord and allowing you to cut it easier at a later time.

Be patient with yourself and remember that these cords connect you with another person, but you still have control of the energy you allow within you and the energy you allow out.


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