“Trust the vibes you get.  Energy doesn’t lie.”

“If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Trust your intuition.”

“Always listen to your gut.”

There is no shortage of quotes floating about that remind us to listen to our intuition, heed the energy we receive, and pay attention to gut feelings.  And these are all correct when you understand what your gut is really telling you.

Intuition shows up in our lives as a means to guide us down our path.  It acts as a light through a darkened forest, showing us our way and helping us stay true to who we are.  We all have the little voice inside of us which guides us on our way.

Our intuition functions continuously in our unconscious mind.  The unconscious mind is the aspect which has access to all universal knowing.  It is through this channel that psychics, mediums, and intuitives pull their information.

But anytime information is pulled, it must pass through our ego.  The ego is an incredibly important aspect of our humanity.  It is the piece of ourselves which helps us survive, offering us fear and worry, and acts as a guidance system for our well-being.  Our ego is what makes us fear fire, worry about having enough food, and recognize external threats.

Both intuition and ego are beneficial to our spirituality and our humanity, but only when we know the difference.

An ego left unchecked can behave like intuition and intuition, when misunderstood, can lead us down the wrong paths.

Ego, over the course of our lives, stores information which may get in the way of reality.  Racism and prejudice, which are learned behaviors, are the most common examples of information storage within the ego.

If you get mugged by tall man covered in vine and thorn tattoos, the ego stores this information deep within the subconscious mind, only later to bring it up through emotions when you see another sporting similar tattoos.  This is the ego creating prejudice based on stored information with the intent of recognizing threats and keeping us safe.

We are commonly taught to trust this ego, our emotions, and our gut, without being taught what intuition sounds like.  This combination leaves us in a judgmental space where we are more likely to miss the very clues we think we’re picking up on.

So how do you know the difference between the prejudice of the ego and the intellect of intuition?

The easiest way to tell is the level of freedom our immediate response offers.

Allow me to explain.  Ego-based responses to a situation offer narrower outlooks and viewpoints while intuition opens up possibilities.

Let’s look at the same situation from two different angles.  Say you pass someone on the street and get the vibe that this is a bad situation for you:

  • An intuitive vibe will point you in the direction of a better situation.  It will allow you greater freedom in the moment by offering a clear and immediate response, whether leaving the area, confronting the individual, or any host of outcomes. It also allows the other person their own freedom to have their vibes and follow their intuition.
  • A prejudiced or ego-based response shuts it all down.  When our ego takes over, pathways close out of fear, we wind up with a narrower vision and viewpoint, and see the outside trigger as a threat.  This removes your freedom by removing your personal power and removes the freedom of the perceived offender by judging their vibe, their path, and their choices.

While you will experience similarities such as an instant thought or feeling, a gut reaction, or a clear indication of change in the environment, prejudice shuts things down while intuition opens them up.

Our ego is an amazing piece of our humanity which should not be condemned, avoided, or turned off.  But learning the difference between emotional responses caused by ego and intuition will allow you to read the information coming from your subconscious mind and make a clearer choice about your “gut feelings.”

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