I once told someone that I am a professional empath.  They looked at me like I had three heads.  Until that moment, it hadn’t dawned on me that people don’t realize that is a thing.  I had been diligently working away at my computer and just assumed that other empaths were using their gifts for their livelihood, too.

If you have followed me for any period of time or are a member of my Facebook group, you’ll know that I strongly support those who use their gifts to build a career.  I think that when our passions meet the service of others, we are able to cultivate an extraordinary life and help others do the same.

Unfortunately, there are those who think it is immoral or greedy to charge for our “soft skills.”  I’m here to tell you that it isn’t.  In fact, I think it’s immoral not to.

We were each created with unique gifts and abilities, ones that can benefit the entire world if we allow ourselves to use them.  But when we are forced to put those gifts on hold to merely survive, not only do we live an unfulfilled life, but others are robbed of experiencing all that we have to offer.

Could you imagine a world where those with a steady surgical hand and the ability to understand the inner workings of the human body felt it wrong to charge for their gifts? Instead, they could not afford to practice their skills due to the many hours spent working just to feed themselves?  It is an absurd thought.  Of course they deserve to monetize their time and talents and the world is better for it.

And the same goes for empaths.

You not only deserve to charge for your gifts, but you do a great disservice to yourself and the world by not doing so.  If you are struggling finding a way to use your empathic abilities as a career, here is a list of ways empaths can thrive in the business world.



I put this one first because many empaths excel in these areas naturally.  The ability to see deeply into the human heart and suffering and paint it across a canvas, express through written word, or any host of artistic mediums is worthy of a great deal of financial compensation.  Writers can monetize blogs, write courses, and sell books.  Artists can find a business in Etsy, t-shirt designs, or selling their work to raving fans.


Professional Readings

I know many think intuitives and psychics when they think readings, but empaths can offer a great deal of insight to others.  Offering to sell your ability to read someone’s heart and advise them could assist so many who are unable to read themselves.



If you have established healthy boundaries with strong centering and grounding techniques, then working as a counselor or professional healer may be a great fit.  Empaths are movers of energy and we can transfer healing energy to others while absorbing their emotional and physical ailments.



I know this doesn’t seem like the ideal position for an empath.  Many conjure up images of sleaze at the very thought of sales, but if it weren’t for selling, many people would be unaware of how many things out there are available to improve their lives.  The empath’s ability to read the needs of another allow them to effortlessly point that person toward the very thing which may change their lives.  Many empaths thrive in sales-related businesses.



Empaths are often great communicators because, just as in sales, they know what someone needs to hear in order to understand.  Teaching is a perfect way to be paid for your gift of touching many hearts and guiding others down the paths they were meant to find.


Of course, this list is far from comprehensive, but I hope it got you re-thinking how you view your abilities.  You have inborn gifts and talents directly related to being an empath and you have every right to make a living on those gifts.

Ask yourself what you would do if you never had to worry about money again, and then take that answer and figure out how to monetize it.  Only through doing what you love and getting paid for it can you be the best asset to the world around you.

Have you found a way to monetize your empathic gifts?  If so, please share!