Empaths naturally carry a heavy load throughout the day.  Often times highly sensitive people, the empath feels an intense level of fluctuating emotions in response to things occurring around them.  Add to that their ability to absorb emotions outside of them and you have a recipe for daily fatigue.

What makes this exhaustion worse is the inability to escape it.  For the average person, spending some time on the couch, relaxing to their favorite music, or a good night’s sleep is enough to leave them feeling refreshed.  But for the empath, there is little escape.

Seclusion is of no use when you feel global emotions, or even the emotions of loved ones, regardless of their location.  Absorbing energy from objects, walls, the earth, or animals add into this overload of emotion.  Then there are those who pick up energetic memories and the emotions of spirits.  These empaths can feel as though they have no options for solitude.

The bottom line is that everything around us is energy and empaths, being heavily affected by this energy, have little or no escape.

At the end of the day, as an empath crawls into bed, they hope for an emotional escape in their slumber, only to enter an overactive dream state. Lucid dreams, vibrant colors and vivid events of past, present, and future.  Uncontrollable whirlwinds of emotions overtaking their mental and physical state without conscious reprieve.  Spiritual intruders, entering the dream state and even luring them to different places and out of body experiences.

Empaths often find themselves waking up even more exhausted, tensed, and stressed than before they fell asleep.

How to find relief


As miserable and hopeless as this constant state of exhaustion may seem, there are ways to overcome this fatigue.  As you begin to search for relief through using the following tips, be patient with yourself and know that it will take practice to overcome a lifetime of feeling tired.


Remember feeling refreshed


When you are immersed in empath fatigue, dragging yourself through every moment, it can be difficult to remember what it feels like to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  But everyone has had times in their life when they have felt a higher level of energy.  Recall those times, no matter how brief.

Perhaps it was a feeling of excitement over an upcoming event that offered a burst of energy.  Maybe you can recall a vacation at a peaceful location that allowed you some emotional downtime.  Call to mind as many times as you can when you felt relief from the overwhelm.

Dig deep into that memory and really feel how it felt to be relaxed and refreshed.  Recall how your body felt, how your breath eased.  Remember the peaceful smile on your face; the one that takes no effort and no muscles as it comes from deep within and fills your face.  Just be in this memory for a few moments.

As you do this, your body will respond to the memory as though it is occurring right now.  You will offer yourself the reprieve of fatigue without having to change your current reality.  The escape in your mind reminds you that it is possible to feel refreshed and the effortless nature of remembering doesn’t add any more to your plate.


Make decisions


Have you ever had a time when you were so fed up with all the emotional weight you’ve been carrying that you vowed to stop?  You told yourself, loudly and proudly, enough!  Just as a person making a New Year’s resolution, in that moment of clarity and decision, you felt a burst of energetic pride, ready to take on your new found resolve.

When you made this declaration, you used your thoughts to give yourself a burst of energy.  Through your clarity, you were able to gain a higher energetic state.  You may be telling yourself that it never lasts, but by giving yourself that moment and recognizing the relief you felt, you can push that feeling further and further each time, until it gains greater momentum.

Making a decision, using the power of your mind to be deliberate in your life and take control of the way you want to feel, offers a burst of energy you didn’t know was dormant within you.  A great deal of our exhaustion comes from confusion and feeling out of control.  Simply making a decision, any decision, no matter how big or small, will give you clarity that brings with it this life force of energy.


Vibrate higher


Fatigue comes from lower vibrational emotions.  When we consistently feel emotions that fall in a lower frequency, we begin to feel as though we are wading through sludge.  As empaths surrounded by a world filled with those who are stressed, bored, lonely, sad, and fatigued themselves, we become immersed in lower frequencies, dragging us down so consistently to the point that it feels normal.

When we are in these low frequency emotions, higher frequency emotions appear exhausting as we are viewing them from a place of no energy.  We recognize that with joy, happiness, and excitement comes action and that action sounds impossible when we are exhausted.  But this perception is skewed as it assumes that we will remain fatigued in those higher vibrational emotions.

The reality is that as you work your way up the emotional scale, your energy increases exponentially.  So how do you reach for higher frequency emotions when you feel so exhausted?  By shifting your thoughts ever so slightly to achieve an emotion just higher than your current state.

Find your current emotion on the chart below, then feel around for thoughts that bring you one step higher.  For example, if you feel regret over something in your past, search for thoughts that shift you to blame.  Don’t judge the emotion of blame as something negative.  Instead, embrace those thoughts of blame.  In that moment, notice how you feel more empowered, offering a slight energy burst.

From there, keep working your way up, without judgement of your emotions.  Enjoy going through the stages in your mind, from blame to grief, to anger, up to contentment, and eventually action.  Take your time and don’t try to leap too far too fast up the scale.  Instead, enjoy any moment of improved emotion and relish in the small uplift of energy.


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Notice and appreciate it

We all have moments throughout the day where we feel less exhausted than others.  They may be short-lived, and usually come from a shift in perspective or thoughts.  Often times, these moments go unnoticed in a chronic state of exhaustion.  We start thinking thoughts like, I am always tired and I can never get a break. These thoughts continue to perpetuate our belief that we never have energy, glossing over the reality that sometimes we do.

Throughout the day, take note of each and every moment that you feel refreshed and elevated, no matter how brief.  Consider keeping a journal and rating your level of energy throughout the day on a scale of 1 (extreme fatigue) to 10 (energized).  At the end of the day, allow yourself to feel excited over every number increase, whether from a 3 to a 7 or as small as a 1 to a 2.  Each of these increases will remind you that it is possible to have a higher level of energy.

Appreciate these higher levels rather than judging them as not being enough.  The more you find yourself appreciating every moment you feel relief, refreshed, or mildly energized, you will see more and more moments appear in your life to ease the fatigue.

It’s all in your mind

Have you ever felt so excited about something (a project, an event, etc.) that you could hardly sleep despite consciously knowing that you should be tired?  I liken it to the night before Christmas as a child.  Your level of emotion is so high that you feel like you could go forever without sleep.

This is because feeling fatigue is all a state of mind.  And our state of mind can be changed in an instant.  By using the tips mentioned on a regular basis, you can slowly shift your state of mind and the belief that you have always been and therefore will always be tired.  You can overcome your fatigue without changing your circumstances, by simply changing your thoughts about the world.

Recall when you have felt refreshed, gain clarity in your life, reach for a higher frequency emotion, and appreciate each and every moment you feel a little relief.  By doing these things consistently, you will notice a gradual shift in your everyday level of energy and may even find yourself enjoying the road to an improved state of being.

Instead of saying, I am always tired or I wish I could get a break, begin today by pivoting these thoughts to a better reality:

I have felt refreshed before and can feel refreshed again.

I am able to give myself a break.

I can find energy because I am energy.

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