monetizing-your-healing-giftsReleasing the Stigma


Money is a tricky subject, especially in the spiritual and healing world.  There is a great deal of stigma revolving around charging for “soft” skills, or skills which are not easily honed through a college or trade school.  Empaths, healers, shamans, and teachers are born with a unique set of abilities and determining how to use them, morally and appropriately, while not hoarding them from them masses is a fine line to walk.

I, personally, have decided to use my gifts to make a living.  This was a personal choice and one that did not come easily to me.  I worried a great deal that it is unfair to charge people in order to help them.  I wanted to offer assistance to everyone I could, regardless of their financial situation.

But what happened was I became drained.  Every day, all day, I offered my gifts for free and still had to put in extra time to make money through other avenues.  In the end, I had nothing left to give, but more people still kept coming to me for help.  I felt like a martyr, giving and giving, wondering when I would receive.  I started to feel taken advantage of, which lessened my ability to offer the love each of these people deserved.  Overtime, I realized that I was not actually helping anyone because I was too drained to offer the service I wanted or they needed.

Why was I drained?  Because there was no equal exchange of energy.  I wanted to help others, giving my time and talents, but felt guilty about receiving anything in return.  This led to my energy be tapped dry and nothing left to fill me, nor the time to fill myself because I still needed to work to feed myself and my children.  Because I was allowing for an imbalance in energy transfer, I was attracting energy vampires.  People who, whether consciously or unconsciously, were taking my energy and not offering anything in exchange.

This scenario is common for healers.  So common, in fact, that many have come to believe that this is the life they are destined to live.  But it isn’t.  It can change.  You were not created to be exhausted and drained day in and day out.  You have the right to be filled as well as to fill.

Money is energy.  It is an arbitrary exchange system that simply allows us to decide what matters most to us.  Energy is everywhere and it is constantly flowing.  Giving and receiving in balance is the key to a life of fulfillment and contentment.

Everyone is born with gifts.  A master surgeon with his steady hand saves lives.  One with the gift of a mathematical mind offers assistance as an accountant.  A pianist with hands of gold gives us the beauty of entertainment.  An athlete born with an amazing gift of coordination and bodily awareness allows us the pleasure of a national pastime.

We are all gifted.  And with these gifts, we spend years of research, study, lessons, practice, and mentorship, honing in on our abilities and discovering how to use them to enhance the lives of those around us.

Just as an accountant deserves to be paid, a surgeon should send a bill, an athlete collects his wages, and a pianist enjoys the fruits of his hands, so too do healers deserve to be compensated for their gifts.

If you are struggling with charging for your natural born talents, look around at those you admire most and see them giving and receiving in works they were born to do.  The harmony is beautiful and it is what makes the world go round.  It is what makes each one of us thrive and each one of us feel the joy and fulfillment within our lives.

When you begin to see that you deserve an equal exchange of energy just as those around you, you will begin to attract those who feel you deserve this exchange as well, and you will help people like you never dreamed possible.

Money is tricky.  Most of us have been raised with distorted beliefs and paradigms, blocking our ability to receive our worth.  But we are all equals and all gifted, all deserving of an equal exchange of energy.  Admire the gifts of another and feel your joy in seeing them compensated and then take a moment to admire your own gifts.  You deserve to be compensated, too.