what-is-grounding-anywayThe term “grounding” has been around for quite some time and seems to be continuously gaining popularity, especially as the spiritual movement progresses and more are looking for natural ways to bring a sense of balance to their lives.

Depending on who you ask, grounding is the key to achieving just about any form of physical, psychological, or spiritual comfort.

Chances are that you have had or overheard one of the following conversations:


“How can I find emotional stability in such a chaotic world?”  You have to ground yourself.
“What can I do to protect myself from all of the negativity?”  Learn some grounding techniques.
“Where can I seek solace from depression, anxiety, spiritual attacks, or overwhelm?”  Clearly you need to ground more.
“How do I achieve financial abundance, find my soulmate, or cure all that ails me?”   GROUNDING!


It comes up over and over again in a variety of different forms but without understanding what exactly grounding is, it really offers little more value than feel good buzz words like “think positive” or “hand it over to the universe.”  Great, but how?

I have written about grounding techniques before, but here I wanted to explain precisely what grounding is, why it is needed, and the main purpose it will serve in your life.


What is grounding?


Grounding is essentially the act of stabilizing yourself.  Many times in our lives we feel emotionally, physically, or spiritually out of control, as though we are being pushed around from several different angles, unable to grab a hold of anything to stabilize ourselves.

Grounding offers that stability.

Picture yourself as a the popular double samaras (or “helicopter seeds”) which fall from a maple tree.  These seeds find themselves in a place of stability, clinging to the branch of a maple.  Then one day, they are released and fall, spiraling toward the ground.  These seeds are now at the whim of their surroundings, blowing about in the wind.  They find themselves whisked back into the sky and falling back onto the ground until they are able to find just the right environment to put down their roots and stand strong against the elements.

This is grounding.  When you feel as though external forces, from opinions or emotions of others to outside obligations, are tossing you around and you can hardly remember who you are or what you want, grounding techniques offer you the perfect environment to dig in your roots and reach back into who you are and want you want in life.

Just as a double samara establishes its roots to allow it to discover what it is and reach upwards towards the sky, able to stand strong against the wind and rain, so too does grounding offer you the ability to reach back into the very elements which previously tossed you about with a new found strength and security.


Why do you need grounding?


We have all experienced those chaotic moments when our head feels like it is spinning from the moment we wake up.  Feeling lost, lonely, misunderstood, or even frightened are all symptoms of a lack of control in your inner world.

If you are in a place where you feel as though you have been twirling around at the whim of every breeze, then over time you lose sight of what you are meant to do in this life.  Your sense of self is gradually diminished and you begin to wonder who you are or what you think.

The longer you remain in this stage of personal disconnect, the more likely you are to develop mental disorders like anxiety, depression, dissociative identity disorder, co-dependency or any host of unhealthy cognitive effects.  On top of suffering emotionally, remaining in such a lower vibrational place is bound to leave you open to long term negative physical effects and health problems.

But by taking a few moments every single day to ground yourself, you can combat these negative emotions and regain a sense of who you are.  You are able to dig back into your roots and remember who you were before you became lost in the wind.


What purpose does grounding serve in your life?



The freedom to be you.  The freedom to feel however you want to feel.  The freedom to be whoever you want to be.

Freedom from outside opinions.  Freedom from outside circumstances.  Freedom from all earthly conditions.

Grounding you gives you your life back.

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”  ~ Unknown

So next time someone recommends that you need grounding, they are not punishing you or sending you to your room without supper.  They are telling you to take a few moments to practice what it is like to be unabashedly you, standing strong against anything that wishes to uproot you and toss you into the wind.




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