Basic Shielding TechniqueEmpaths absorb the physical and emotional energies of those around them on a regular basis.  The default mode for an empath is wide open and susceptible.  Many must work for years to come to a place of stability and even longer to learn how to turn down their abilities long enough to simply walk through a grocery store.

While learning how to use our abilities may take time, momentary peace does not have to.  By finding simple tricks to shield yourself, you can begin to feel more confident in practicing a state of emotional control regardless of the situation.

My favorite shielding technique is through visualization because you can do it anywhere without anyone around you noticing.  By simply calling to mind an image, you can find emotional freedom in an instant.

The following visualization is one I have been using for years.  While it may take a little time to get familiar with, once you have the gist of it, you can immediately begin to use it in any situation with ease. This is a basic visualization exercise that focuses the mind and allows you to feel in control of your body, your energy field and what you allow into it.

Shielding Visualization


Picture those around you as having a force field surrounding their bodies.  Call it whatever you prefer: an energy field, aura, emotional excess or any other term you feel comfortable with.  Give this field a color if that helps you picture it.  Each person can have the same color or different colors.  You can visualize the field as a cloud surrounding the person, or perhaps it has more water-like appearance flowing around the body. Maybe it is a light glowing around them.

See this field as an attachment to their body; something that seems sewn on and held closely in.  It looks tailored and conformed, almost like a nice-fitting garment, not jumping out toward you or anyone else.  Their field stays close to them.

Now visualize the same thing around yourself.  See it moving, as water, fog or light.  Notice how yours does not fit like everyone else’s.  Rather than being controlled and held tightly to your body, your field seems to hang loosely, flapping in the breeze, going wherever it pleases.

Visualize it being pulled toward those around you like a magnet to metal.  Watch as it reaches out, intermingles with the fields of those around you, flowing toward them like a river.

Now watch it as it comes back to you.  Notice the pieces of the other person’s field floating in it, washing back towards your body, stuck like fish in a net or flies on a spider’s web.  This stuff remains in your field, just hanging there, as it continues to dance around and pull in more and more energies from the fields of those nearest you.

Now imagine that you can control your field.  It is fully under your power.

Reach out and grab it, reel it in, pulling it close to your body as you would a blanket on a cold winter evening.  Pull it away from those around you and bring it completely back to yourself.  Harness it.  Sew it back onto your body and do not allow it to flow freely away any longer.

If it feels like it wants to linger, firmly tell it no.  Visualize it staying on you and only you.

But you will see that it is still full of all that other stuff it pulled in from those around you.  Visualize shaking it out like dust off an old rug.  Watch as the energies that are not yours fall to the ground below you.

Envision pure, crisp water flowing through your field, washing out whatever remains, cleansing it of any energy that does not belong to you. See your field going from muddled and cloudy to pure and free.  Watch as it glistens and shines, empty of all that is not yours.

Feel how lightweight it is as you wear it.  How much easier it is to carry around, controlled and free of baggage.

Any time you feel like your field wants to move toward another, remind yourself that no good comes from pulling in unwanted energies.  Absorbing the energy of those around you does not lessen their burdens or struggles.  It only adds to yours, clouding up and weighing down your field, leaving you less capable of offering the assistance they may truly need.

It takes mindfulness and practice to master this visualization.  You will need to spend some time meditating on it, creating a visual that you can easily call to mind in the midst of an overwhelming crowd.  But overtime you will be able to harness your field, keeping it in and cleaning and emptying it when it manages to wiggle out again.

Believe that you can control what comes into your emotional space and you will control it.




Want to practice this technique daily?

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Shielding Visualization Meditation