Signs you are an empathEmpaths, or clairsentients (literally, “clear sensing”), absorb the emotional and physical energies of those around them.  Often confused with the term empathy, which is the ability to put oneself in someone else’s shoes, an empath literally feels the emotion or pain of another.

As science has shown, emotions and thoughts carry with them unique energetic frequencies.  These frequencies actually affect the environment around them.  Empaths happen to by hypersensitive to these energies, causing them to directly absorb them at varying levels.  The more intense an emotion, the more susceptible the empath becomes.

There are varying degrees of empathic abilities.  Some empaths are so connected that they can feel the emotions of another from across the globe while others are more likely to absorb the energies in the same physical proximity.

Regardless of the level of empathic abilities, most share some common traits.  While many of these traits may seem obvious, a few just might surprise you.  Take a look and see if you are, in fact, an empath.


  1. You’re often told you are “too sensitive” or emotional.
  2. You feel anxious in crowded rooms or enclosed spaces.
  3. You crave solitude, whether you are an introvert or extrovert by nature.
  4. Other people unload on you, telling you their problems and life stories, even if you have never met.
  5. You can tell the mood of a room instantly upon entering.
  6. As you drive or walk through a town, your emotions fluctuate depending on the houses you pass.
  7. You have an artistic nature.
  8. You tend to be a “fixer” who always wants to help others improve their lives.
  9. You have vivid or lucid dreams and often wake up feeling as though you never slept.
  10. Sometimes you “just know” what someone is about to say or do.
  11. You are drawn to healing or holistic professions (medical, spiritual, or religious).
  12. Your life is filled with an array of déjà vu moments, synchronicities, coincidences or patterns.
  13. You have a strong intolerance for pain.  On the flip side, you have the ability to “check out” of yourself if in an extremely painful situation.
  14. Watching the news affects you and the stories stick with you for days or years.
  15. Seeing someone in an embarrassing situation physically pains you.
  16. You suffer from chronic lower back or shoulder pain.
  17. You love to have control over your environment and become uncomfortable, frustrated or even angry (though you may not express it outwardly) when you are unable to.
  18. You know easily when someone is lying.
  19. Similarly, you know in a moment when someone is not to be trusted.
  20. You can relate effortlessly to situations which you have never experienced.
  21. You use physical stimuli as a means of escape (alcohol, drugs, video games, sex, etc.), then feel guilty about escaping.
  22. You are a passionate person, particularly when it comes to human or animal rights.
  23. The weather strongly affects your emotional state and you have symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  24. You have been diagnosed with a mental illness such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or borderline personality disorder.
  25. You feel most like yourself in nature, away from people or man-made objects.
  26. Antique stores make you feel uncomfortable or uneasy.
  27. Some places you have never before been feel like home.
  28. You long to travel and meet new people and cultures.  You consider yourself a free spirit.
  29. Owning too many physical items makes you feel weighted down.  Clutter overwhelms you or leaves you feeling constricted or imprisoned.
  30. You prefer to focus on one task at a time.
  31. Despite getting enough sleep, you constantly feel fatigued, both physically and mentally.
  32. You have a history of paranormal experiences (ghost or angel sightings, out of body experiences, etc.).
  33. The emotions of your loved ones affects you throughout the day, even if you are physically apart.