Signs of an open and balanced Root ChakraAny quick internet search will yield dozens of articles telling you the signs and symptoms of a blocked or imbalanced root chakra.  Fatigue, constipation, fear, anxiety, lack and instability all point to the base of your energetic self being out of whack.

Once you have determined that you need to give your root a little TLC, how do you know if the steps you are taking are actually working?  Here are some surefire signs that you root is coming back into alignment with it’s natural state, offering some encouragement to keep on your path of cleansing and balancing your chakra system.


A sense of ease


Life used to feel so difficult, as though everything from finances, careers and relationships were an uphill battle.  But when your root is able to flow freely, things that once seemed so hard will begin to flow effortlessly.  In every aspect of your life, you will start to see that you are provided for and that the universe is conspiring in your favor.


Less worry and fear


Along with beginning to feel a sense of ease, the worries and fears which once kept you up at night begin to dissipate.  You can breathe easily about the past, relax into the present and actually feel excited about the future.  You might find that things that once sent you running for the hills, like snakes or spiders, will now have you leaning in and filled with curiosity or wonder.


Weight loss/gain


An imbalanced root chakra directly affects your adrenal glands, the glands responsible for producing cortisol within your body.  When you have a balanced root center, your body is able to effectively regulate your cortisol levels, lessening stress and increasing your metabolism. This leads to potentially achieving a healthier level of weight without drastic lifestyle changes.


Increased libido


Mammals have a built-in radar system designed to tell them whether or not it is safe to procreate.  An animal existing in a dangerous environment has increased levels of cortisol and lower levels of sex hormones, instinctually knowing that procreation would be a detriment to their young.  Humans are no different.  When stress or perceived fears are high, our libidos plummet.  A balanced root leads to an overall feeling of safety which naturally increases libido.


Financial abundance


Everyone has access to the abundance of energy that is ever-existing within the universe.  Money is simply a manifestation of this energy.  When our root chakra is open and balanced, we are able to access our natural state of being cared for in all things.  This inevitably leads to feelings of financial wealth.  Without the fear blocking our reception of what exists around us, we can finally rest in the comfort of knowing it is coming and enjoying sharing this abundance with others.


Losing grip on attachments


When the root chakra is imbalanced, our ego seeks security in all the wrong places.  This manifests as attachment to material things, people, status, careers and so forth.  As we come back into alignment, our ego diminishes and our inner being becomes more consciously present.  Through this, we see that the material or earthly attachments we so desperately clung to are no longer necessary, freeing us to enjoy the flow of energy regardless of perceived losses.


Many of us have lived in an imbalanced state for so long, surrounded by fear and lack mentalities, perceived declining economies and a discouragement in searching for our personal truths, making a life filled with abundance and free of worries seem like a pipe dream.  But each one of these signs of a open and balanced root chakra are available to you as soon as you are ready to seek them.


Abundance and security are your birthright. 
If you are unsure of where to begin, I recommend grabbing my Root Chakra Cleansing Intensive.
Jump in, achieve balance and enjoy the life of stability you were created to experience.