Grounding Techniques for EmpathsAs an empath, you are highly sensitive to the energies around you.  Even if you hide in your home, toss out your television, go back to a life without internet connection and avoid all books, you will always be affected by the energies of the world.  No matter how successful you are at avoiding human contact, the energies ever flowing through around us will still manage to find you.

All of this to say that no matter what you do, you must always be cognizant of how everything around you is affecting your energy and emotional state.

Do you ever feel like you are just running on a treadmill, exerting massive amounts of energy everyday and getting nowhere?  Despite how much you learn about your empathic abilities, does it feel like you just cannot shake the exhaustion and frustration of your gifts?

If so, you need to ground yourself.  Grounding allows you a chance to refocus on who you are and realign yourself with your inner being.  Without it, you are destined to a life of reactingA life that feels completely outside of your control.

The following activities are simple ways to offer emotional, spiritual and physical grounding, helping you to recenter, release the energies of those around you and regain a sense of personal control in your life.

Touch the earth

Everyone benefits from earthing.  Kicking off your shoes and touching the ground with the soles of your feet is the fastest way to achieve a grounding effect, helping you shed the emotional and physical free radicals you pick up from around you.  Studies have shown that the electrons we receive directly from the earth actually have antioxidant effects.  The rubber in our shoes prevents us from receiving these benefits regularly.

Once a day, touch the earth.  Dirt, sand, water, grass or concrete will all allow you to connect directly to the source which sustains our physical bodies.


Guided meditation

While any type of meditation offers grounding affects, many struggle with keeping their minds clear.  Most meditation practices require larger chunks of time at the beginning in order to retrain your mind to clear.  If you struggle with finding that kind of time, then guided meditation may be the way to begin.  By listening to an audio guiding your mind, you are more likely to remain focused and battle less with drifting thoughts.

The best grounding meditations will focus on breathing down into the earth, bringing your focus to your root chakra, and slowing your mind.

For several guided meditations to help cleanse your energy, balance your root, and shield yourself, check out my guided meditations.

Get in the water

ShowerWater is synonymous with cleansing.  Whether taking a shower, a calming bath, wading in a lake or lounging in an ocean’s surf, getting into water allows you to focus on your physical senses and refresh your entire being.

Even simply hearing the sound of running water can stimulate the senses and help you realign with the present moment. Grab a counter top water fountain and run it throughout the day, while sitting in guided meditation or soaking in a cleansing bath.

Essential Oils


Essential oils, in their purest, most natural form, carry properties straight from the earth.  Derived from plants, trees and roots, their high concentration of nutrients penetrate through the skin when applied topically giving us a direct boost of nature.  If you are unable to get out into nature, essential oils bring the same natural effects right to you.

Diffusing oils like sage and lavender have been known for centuries to cleanse negative energies and welcome positivity.  Using them in a variety of ways brings about spiritual, physical and emotional grounding.

Please note, always make sure the oils you select are 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils.  Selecting oils cut with synthetic blends or impure properties will not offer the same grounding techniques.  For more information, please visit my essential oils page.

New to essential oils? I’d love to help you out!



We live in an energetic universe.  Highly sensitive empaths must make a conscious effort to ground themselves every single day in order to not feel bogged down by the emotional states of those around us.  Take a couple of these techniques and make grounding an essential part of your daily routine.

Looking for more grounding techniques? An Empath’s Guide to Emotional Freedom walks you through understanding why you are absorbing these energies, offers techniques to cleanse yourself immediately, and helps you re-frame the way you see your gifts in order to use them to help yourself and others.  The time has come for you to find peace in your life.