Empath Guide to EFTEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a fascinating concept that is based in the same science as acupuncture and acupressure.  You may have heard it referred to as “tapping” since the basis of the technique is to tap specific parts of your body.

Bonghan Kim in the 1960s discovered small channels which flow through our bodies called the Bonghan system.  These channels run throughout our blood, organs, brain and lymphatic system and affect our overall physical and mental health.  Through studying these channels, it was discovered that their flow was dramatically affected by the energy of electromagnetic waves.

As science has proven that thoughts and emotions are transmitted as waves, just as electricity, you can see that the emotions and feelings which empaths absorb from those around us could affect the free flow of energy through the nerves and cells which make up the Bonghan channels.

When an empath is feeling less balanced and more overwhelmed, that is a sign that their energy is getting backed up, leaving them vulnerable for more energy to join the blockage, leading to physical, spiritual and emotional health problems.

EFT clears out this blockage.  By tapping specific points on your body, it stimulates these energy channels, shaking up the blockage and breaking it apart, allowing the channel to then flow freely.  Once this happens, the energies you have picked up from those around you can flow through your system and right out, leaving you feeling free and energized.

Picture your energy channels as a box of cornstarch. There is a small opening for the cornstarch to flow through when tipped over a bowl at the right angle.  Once you tilt the box too far, the hole becomes overwhelmed by the amount of cornstarch flowing towards it, ultimately blocking it and ceasing the flow of cornstarch.  By simply tapping on the side of the box, it breaks apart the buildup, allowing the cornstarch to once again flow freely through the opening.  Just a couple of taps and things are back on track.

How to Tap

The main tapping points for EFT begin on the top of your head and work down through your upper torso.  Each spot only needs to be tapped around seven or eight times to be effective, but there is no limit to the number of rounds of tapping you can do.

 (For a comprehensive list of tapping points, including images and videos, please check out An Empath’s Guide to Emotional Freedom Techniques.)

A – Directly on the center of your crown.
B – On the brow bone at the beginning of your eyebrow.
C – At the corner of the eye, on the eye socket bone.
D – Below your eye, on the eye socket bone.
E – Directly below your nose.
F – On the indent below your lip and above your chin.
G – On the out-jutting ball of your collar bone.

If after the first round you still feel lingering emotions of others, go ahead and start again.  After each time through, check in with your emotions.  Pinpoint what you feel and decide again whether or not the feelings belong to you.

After a few rounds of EFT, if you still feel the same emotions at the same level of strength as before you started, consider that they may be your own or that you may need to work on processing them a little further.

Practicing EFT daily or when you feel particularly overwhelmed by an emotion or event can keep your channels clear of excess energy as well as calm your nerves and lessen your empathic fatigue.




Want to learn more about this phenomenal technique?  Check out An Empath’s Guide to Emotional Freedom Techniques complete with comprehensive video and eBooklet!

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