Mudras for EmpathsMudras are simple positions of the hand which stimulate connections between the mind, body and spirit.  The practice of mudras for physical and emotional well-being has been used for centuries across a variety of cultures and faiths.  Many believe that they encourage energy, or Chi, to flow through the body freely, offering balance and increasing spiritual and physical well-being.

While we are all energetic beings, empaths in particular are hypersensitive to the energies and emotions of the world around us, causing personal imbalances, physical and mental health problems and daily challenges which interfere with everyday life.

By performing mudras on a regular basis, we can reap the therapeutic benefits each one has to offer, allowing us to gain a sense of control, stability and balance within our lives.

Apan Mudra

The Apan Mudra is one of the most powerful mudras.  It is known as the purification mudra as it cleanses the body, eliminates waste and toxins and brings about harmony and peace within the body.

As empaths, we absorb a great deal from our environments, energetically, physically and spiritually.  All of this excess “stuff” accumulates in our bodies, weighing us down and throwing off our balance.  The Apan Mudra helps detoxify our bodies of everything that is not ours and allows us to return to a harmonious balance, improving our spiritual and physical health.

How to do it

This mudra is best done in a seated and resting position.  Touch the middle and ring fingers to your thumb.  Hold this position for 10 to 15 minutes.  Aim to do this twice a day, particularly if you feel off-balanced, heavy or weighed down.

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Rudra Mudra

The Rudra Mudra is related to our Solar Plexus Chakra which, when blocked can cause stress and reactive behaviors.  By performing this mudra, it strengthens our earth element, improving blood circulation and bringing clarity in our minds and bodies.  This helps relieve tension, excess stress and anxiety brought about by our surroundings.

Empaths are very familiar with feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and overtaxed.  The tensions of the world feel as though they are literally carried on our shoulders.  By performing the Rudra Mudra on a regular basis, it helps relax the tensions and anxiety which weigh us down, and allow us to be proactive in helping those around us as opposed to reactive to the chaos of the world.

How to do it

This mudra can be done anywhere and anytime as often as needed.  Touch the index and ring fingers to the thumb and hold for a few minutes.

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Ahamkara Mudra

The Ahamkara Mudra is related to our self-confidence and self-assertion.  It focuses on our individuality and enhances our sense of self, allowing us to create our own reality rather than be ruled by others.

Because empaths feel such a deep connection to the world around us, lines of separation often become blurred, causing us to lose ourselves in the mix.  The Ahamkara Mudra strengthens our individuality, helping us develop and hold personal boundaries.  Not only does this improve our confidence but it protects us against unwanted energies and connections.

How to do it

The Ahamkara Mudra is best done in connection with meditation. Slightly bend your index finger to cross behind your thumb and hold this position for 15 to 20 minutes while meditating.

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Pran Mudra

The Pran Mudra is used to stimulate our Root Chakra, the base chakra which allows us to feel grounded and safe.  When we have too many external distractions in our lives and do not feel centered or stable, the Pran Mudra allows us to regain clarity, recenter and feel grounded.

It is easy for an empath to feel like a leaf blowing in the wind, unable to gain stability when so many outside emotions and energies are pushing us in every direction.  The Pran Mudra helps put your feet back on the ground and offers feelings of security.  It takes extreme emotions such as sorrow, anger, elation and restlessness and brings balance regardless of what is happening around you.

How to do it

The Pran Mudra should be done daily.  Make a “peace” sign with your hand then bring your index and middle finger together. Hold this position for at least 15 minutes while focusing on your breathing.

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When practicing these mudras on a regular basis, combined with daily meditation, you are sure to see a phenomenal improvement in your mental and spiritual clarity.